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If you have simply switched to Windows 8, or are around to, and also uncover yourself constantly sending files to the recycle bin by mistake, it’s probably bereason Microsoft disabled the delete confirmation dialog, here’s exactly how to re-allow it.

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Enabling the Delete Confirmation Dialog

Right-click on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop computer and pick Properties from the conmessage menu.


You need to inspect package near the bottom of the Properties dialog that allows the confirmation dialog.


If you currently go try and also delete somepoint you will automatically be asked if you really desire to send the item(s) to the recycle bin.

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That’s all tright here is to it, remember if you desire to delete something without sending it to the recycle bin you have the right to constantly usage the Change + Delete key-board combicountry.

Taylor GibbTaylor Gibb is a professional software developer through nearly a decade of endure. He served as Microsoft Regional Director in South Africa for 2 years and also has got multiple Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) awards. He currently works in R&D at Derivco International. Read Full Bio »

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