Windows 8 0xc0000001

I desire to gain back my computer... as soon as I try to perform it from settings, it reboots, and then this error code shows up. Saying thatwindowssystem32winfill.efi is missing. When I hit enter or F8, it doesn´t execute anything.

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Please help.


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Let’s attempt the adhering to procedures to run an offline Check disk sdeserve to and also examine.

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Important: While perdeveloping chkdsk on the hard drive if any poor sectors are discovered on the tough drive when chkdsk tries to repair that sector if any data available on that could be lost.a. Copy all the documents from your downloaded ISO or Windows 8 installation disc to aUSB stick.b. Boot from that USB stick and press Shift+F10 once Windows 8 setup WinPE shell starts.c. In the command prompt type:

x:>chkdsk/f/v/r/b/offlinescananddeal with c:NOTE: Make sure c: is your boot drive via your Operating System by running.Hope this helps.

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I do not have the iso nor the instalation disc... I already tried to boot from the recoincredibly drive, however the exact same error shows up aobtain.

I have actually not tried from an iso, where can I downfill it??


HiMiguel,I would imply you to perdevelop Automatic repair using Windows recoexceptionally disc.a) Boot from the disk, Once you acquire the welcome display screen of installation with the choice “Install now”

b) Click on Repair your computer

c) On the following page click Cutting edge Optionsd) Now click Troubleshoote) Lastly click Automatic repair and follow the on screen instructionsHope this helps! Let us know if you have actually any kind of various other issues with Windows in future.
I have actually the very same problem. I want to do complete mechanism regain to clear whatever but it cannot perform due to winpack.efi absent. I did not acquire a recoexceptionally disk or installation disk through my lapheight at purchase. have the right to I gain winload.efi somewhere?