Windows 7 stuck on please wait

Running a Win 7 x64 machine. About a week and a fifty percent earlier it began stalling on the "Please wait..." before login. I tried the hotfix to no avail. I am able to acquire past it as soon as the screensaver kicks on and I wake it. Thoughts anyone?


prior to the screensaver (c:windowssystem32morley.scr) kicks up, Windows Installers installs some software which is motivated by Kasperskies NetworkAgent (klnagent.exe). Look in Kaspersky logs to check out what it does in the time of boot.

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This reasons most disk IO throughout boot and slows down boot a lot.


I checked the callstack of some disk task and also check out that a Lenovo driver called DzHDD64.sys is affiliated. Look if this driver is really compelled and if not, rerelocate it.


Tested and also showed in a doprimary environment. "Please wait" is not necessarily a computer system trouble specifically in a enterpincrease atmosphere. Rebooting DC aided deal with the difficulty which was most likely caused by DNS caching. Hopefully will conserve someone time versus troubleshooting the computer in vain.


The "please wait" slows down as soon as I include the computer to an OU via scripts. Long story brief I went ahead and ran the and also just had 2 spins of please wait. Special many thanks to Andre to lead me towards the best direction. I"ve been rebrowsing this worry for 6 months.

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For trial and error purpose please try to disable the following services: Windows Error Reporting, Netoccupational Location Service, Network-related List service

Power off the PCPower on and also push repeadiatly F8 you view the Safe Setting screenSelect Safe Setting via NetworkingLogin to your PCPress Win+R and also enter solutions.msc into the home window followed by pushing returnLocate over services (Windows Error Reporting, Network Location Service, Netoccupational List service)Double-click them (one by one) and also readjust the startup type to DisabledRestart your computer system gracefully! (Start -> Shutdown)

Those services aren"t really essential yet could block your PC from booting.

If this does not assist, please administer even more information, favor is your PC component of a domain?

Run Disk Cleanup and make certain Windows Updays Temporary files are checked, and rebegin.

Tbelow may be a broken Upday somewhere.

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