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On Mac OS X I have the right to computer mouse over somepoint (without clicking it or offering it complete focus) and use the scroll wheel to scroll it. On Windows (7 at least) which I"m required to use in my new job, it does not work-related this means. Is there any kind of method to readjust this behavior?

I notification that Firefox does this within the app: if any Firefox windows have focus then you deserve to scroll any kind of other Firefox home window that doesn"t. (So at least the Firefox people think this is a valuable feature! And so anyone not acquainted with how it functions on OS X have the right to see what I"m talking around.)

I remember TweakUI (which does not seem to be easily accessible for Windows 7) having actually a setting for "Focus complies with mouse", however I don"t recall if it permitted establishing that just for the scroll wheel. I do not want the full X-Windows style focus-follows-mouse setting, simply the ability to scroll whatever before I mouse over.

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UPDATE: According to
Mikey"s comment, this is currently built into Windows 10.

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UPDATE: it has been argued that my question is a duplicate of this question. That question appears to be concerned particularly with multiple controls on a single home window, wbelow key-board focus is on the wrong control, however not on the wrong home window. I"m asking around a instance via multiple home windows. Any given solution has actually the potential to take care of both usage situations, but it is not a foregone conclusion that it would certainly. It would certainly be feasible for any type of piece of software to manage one usage instance and not the other. They are comparable, yet they are not the very same question.

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If your work-related upgrades you from Windows 7 to 8, bear in mind that this and also other programs choose it (all the ones I've tried anyway) break scrolling in the Metro/Modern UI. In various other words, these scrolling programs job-related as supposed in the classic desktop watch, yet once you switch to the Metro/Modern UI, you won't have the ability to mouse scroll in some or all of the apps. It's really annoying, and I haven't uncovered a solution yet. –user248032 Aug 23 "13 at 17:52
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X-Button Mousage Control!

This point rocks... it is incredibly intuitive to tech-people, do not know about to a normal perkid ) however if you figure it out, it is really effective.

and also yes it solves this scroll/hover trouble too:

In the "Default" profile readjust "Wheel Up" to "Scroll Window Up" and also "Wheel Down" to "Scroll Window Down".

but it is so a lot more

For instance some of the points I use it for:

I have a Logitechnology Marathon mouse which is excellent because it has hyperscrolling and the batteries last 2 years however in Chrome for some factor when the hyper wheel is spinning, sometimes it can zoom your pperiods when you press CTRL. This happens a lot. So with this application I disable ctrl-mouse wheel once chrome is being provided. Somepoint that cannot be done by chrome itself

I set it approximately alt-wheel up/dvery own manage the device volume. Quite useful

I configured alt-left click to take a display screen swarm of the energetic home window, alt-right click for a complete screenshot

I set "Alt" vital to activate "Layer 2" (Settings > Modifier Keys), then on "Default" profile in the Layer 2 I collection Wheel Up/Down to scroll Window Left/Right respectively.