Windows 7 downgrade rights

Windows 7 Professional and also Windows 7 Ultimate include downgrade rights that allow customers to purchase a brand-new PC via a Windows 7 licence, but install Windows XP or Windows Vista rather. Windows 7 can be mounted later on if preferred.

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Read Microsoft"s 2 web page summary for resellers.

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As of 8 April 2014, updays for Windows XP are no much longer easily accessible from Microsoft.

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End User Requirements Summary: Acquisition a PC preinstalled with Windows 7. Accept the Windows 7 Software License Terms. Perdevelop the downgrade or authorize an Initial Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to perform it.
Installation/Media: End individuals must install the downgrade software using a legally licensed copy of the specified previous version of Windows. End individuals can use the jiyuushikan.orgplying with media for their downgrades: Retail (full packaged product), or system builder edge-to-edge media (provided the software is gained in accordance with the Microsoft OEM System Builder License). Additionally an finish user, that is licensed individually through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, might provide their Volume Licensing media and also vital to their System Builder to use to facilitate the downgrade on just their systems. End individuals deserve to usage one legal variation of the downgrade media for multiple installations. They don"t need to have one collection of media for each PC they are downgrading, bereason they have got legitimate full operating system licenses for the many recent variation, which gave them the appropriate to downgrade. End individuals may install Windows 7 at any time offered the downgrade operating system has actually been rerelocated from the jiyuushikan.orgputer, and also the Windows 7 is reinstalled on the same PC on which it was originally set up, making use of the original OEM device builder edge-to-edge media spread via the original PC. The end user will need to usage the product key, located in the center of the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), in order to activate the product. Activation: Once Windows Vista Firm, Windows Vista Ultimate, or Windows XP Professional is mounted, the PC will certainly prompt for a Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, or Windows XP Professional product vital in order to activate the software. The product essential associated with the original Windows software application have to be supplied for activation. If the Windows Vista Firm, Windows Vista Ultimate, or Windows XP Professional product essential has actually been formerly caused, which is most likely if the media came from a prior legally licensed version that has been caused in the previous, the software might be unable to activate over the Net, as a result of the hardware configuration adjust when installing this media onto the Windows 7 system. When this happens, the correct regional Activation Support phone number will be presented, and also the perboy percreating the downgrade will have to call the Activation Support Line and also define the situations to a customer business representative. Once it is identified that the end user has a valid Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate licence, the customer service representative will certainly administer a single-use activation code that deserve to be provided to activate the software application.
Limitation/Scope: The software application might not be mounted on any kind of other jiyuushikan.orgputer system than the one which was downgraded under this appropriate. If downgrading, the finish user cannot use the new operating system (for instance, Windows 7 Professional) and also the downgrade operating system (for example, Windows XP Professional) at the same time.
System Builder requirements (e.g. Installation/Media: The downgrade software program can be set up by the finish user, or by a mechanism builder once authorized by the end user . The downgrade media can be media linked through any prior legally licensed variation from the OEM system builder or retail channels. A Windows Vista Firm or Windows Vista Ultimate media disk is essential to facilitate the downgrade from Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows Vista Business. A Windows XP Professional media disk is necessary to facilitate the downgrade from Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows XP Professional. While mechanism building contractors might assist end individuals facilitate their downgrade rights, they might not administer Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, or Windows XP Professional media through the mechanism, because this is not the product licensed with the mechanism. They must, however, encertain that the jiyuushikan.orgPUTER consists of the Windows 7 edge-to-edge media. The finish user will certainly require this software application to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as ready. Labelling: If an finish user chooses to downgrade to an approved, prior version of the Windows desktop operating device, the jiyuushikan.orgPUTER manufacturer still must apply the Windows 7 Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to the jiyuushikan.orgPUTER.
Product Support: In the occasion the finish user opts to downgrade, neither Microsoft nor is obligated to provide customer product support for units on which such previous versions are installed. As of 8 April 2014, updates for Windows XP are no longer available from Microsoft.

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