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My iMac"s HD died last week, and also so I was unable to access OS X (I had a Time Machine backup of it though). Fortunately I had the ability to boot right into the Recovery HD and also use Disk Utility to backup Boot Camp to a DMG file on an external drive before I lost that forever.

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So, currently I have actually a DMG file containing Windows 7. From what I understand also, it"s much more challenging to regain Windows Vista/7 than it is to reclaim Windows XP because the boot approach has actually acquired even more complex.

However, might someone allude me in the right direction in order to regain a Windows 7 DMG file to Boot Camp, and also of course make it bootable? I currently tried the method presented here, which is quoted at a lot of places, however it certainly only works via WinXP and also nopoint more recent.

Thanks in advance!

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asked Oct 23 "12 at 20:03

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I'm in the exact same watercraft. I made an effort making use of the approach you quoted. I was not able to reclaim the partition as bootable. The partition was recovered (Takes a while to scan and also restore) and it's contents were obtainable from the mac side. Using the script didn't include it to the boot list. Would reinstalling Win7 so it's bootable, then pushing the image over that work? –user33410 Oct 24 "12 at 4:14
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Try this variation on what its declared there:

Run bootcamp to alfind the room 2- Install W7Go back to OSX (Install REFIT or equivalent as bootmanager (optional))Resave your DMG picture over the W7 partition

With this you dont need the fdisk regulates as bootcamp need to mark the partition as energetic (bootable).

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This SHOULD work.

The trouble with the attached page procedure is that w7 (simply as osx) is actually in 2 partitions, a tiny boot one and also a huge via the OS, your DMG only includes the OS partition.

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answered Oct 26 "12 at 21:41

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I ran right into the precise same worry of shedding my disk with OS X and Bootcamped Win7. I was able to make a .DMG of the "Bootcamp" "partition" as well. I have actually tried:

-Going via the bootcamp setup simply much sufficient that it produced my important partitions and also then imaging the .DMG onto the correct partition

-Installing a fresh copy of home windows so that it booted from the new installation and then imaging the .DMG over that

Neither of these functioned for me. The initially choice provided me a pair of problems: holding "Option" would certainly not show me a home windows bootable device, and choosing the windows choice in system preferences>startup disk provided me an error stating it couldn"t find a bootable disk. The second choice provides me both a bootable disk under startup disk and a home windows alternative once holding "Option" on bootup, however either means, I just gain a blinking cursor when it attempts to boot the windows partition :-(

I"m wondering if it would certainly be easier to just totally begin over, or if there"s a way to resolve the MBR which will still save me the time of setting up all my information again....