Windows 7 asking for password but i never set one

I have Windows 7 Professional mounted on our desktop computer computer system. I never before put up a user account password as soon as I set up it last month, so that I wouldn"t have to remember it when I authorize into Windows. Last night, I rebooted the computer, but now Windows stops on the user account login screen and also asks for a password. It never before did this before, and I never before put up a password, so I have no idea what to do?? I can"t get passed this display without a password. I have actually exceptionally necessary records I already put on this computer system, and also I need to be able to gain access to them quickly. I don"t have a password reset disk, considering that I never before set up a password to start via. Why did this occur, and exactly how have the right to I acquire passed this so I deserve to acquire to my documents on my computer? Please help in any way you can, as shortly as possible, please. Thank you!

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Rohit Siddegowda
Replied on November 4, 2009


Welcome to CommunityForum!

In order to troubleshoot your issue, please administer even more information:

Was there any type of Administrator password collection at the moment of Installation?Is your computer connected to a domain?Have you tried logging in Safe Mode?

Login to Safe Setting as Administrator.

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Create a New user account or remove the password for the old account and try to login in Typical Mode.

If you don"t have a password reset disk, you"ll need to acquire someone through an administrator account on the computer system to recollection your password for you.


If an administrator resets your password, you could shed access to some of your files. For even more information, seeWhat are the risks of reestablishing a password?

1.If you enter the wrong password when you attempt to log on,Windows displays a message that the password is incorrect. ClickOK to cshed the message.

See more: Download Windows 10 Build 10547 Iso Free Download, Download Windows 10 Build 10547 Iso

2.ClickReset password, and then insert your password recollection disk or USB flash drive.

3.Follow the procedures in the Password Reset wizard to produce a new password.

4.Log on with the new password. If you forobtain your password aget, you have the right to usage the same password reset disk. You don"t must make a brand-new one.

See more: Tinyumbrella To Exit Recovery Mode Tinyumbrella, Exit/Enter Recovery Mode Via Tiny Umbrella

For information about altering your password, seeChange your Windows password. For

information about storing password recollection indevelopment, seeCreate a password recollection disk.

In enhancement, you deserve to examine the below discussed connect for even more information:


Note: Post talks around vista however it is equivalent in Windows 7

Hope the over steps assist in readdressing your issue!

Thanks & Regards,

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