Windows 2008 r2 standard cpu limit

I have actually a Virtual Machine that is currently configured through Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and 8 cores are being allocated to the machine through Vsphere. (8 digital sockets and also 1 core per socket). I recognize the OS only supports 4 cores, so does this expect the various other 4 cores are being unoffered by the OS?


Windows 2008 R2 Standard have the right to use a maximum of 4 CPUs (sockets), each socketed CPU have the right to have multiple cores, and it have the right to usage them (up to a maximum of 256 cores total).

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VMWare"s assigned CPUs count as actual CPUs (sockets), so Windows 2008 R2 Standard can"t/won"t use the added 4 CPUs.

If your version of VMware supports it, asauthorize 4 CPUs through 2 cores each rather, and Windows will certainly see/use 8 logical CPUs.

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From VMware:

VMware multicore digital CPU assistance lets you regulate the variety of cores per digital socket in a digital machine. This capcapacity lets operating units through socket restrictions use even more of the organize CPU"s cores, which increases overall performance.

More information from VMware: Virtual CPU Configuration

answered Dec 18 "15 at 17:36

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