Windows 2003 repair

When a server does not begin, tright here are numerous devices that are easily accessible to help you. Some of them have currently been discussed such as booting the computer in safe mode or utilizing the System Configuration tool. Other tools are consisted of via the Windows installation disk.

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For computers running Windows Server 2003, you deserve to usage the Recoexceptionally Console. The Recovery Consingle is a command-line tool that you have the right to usage to repair Windows if the computer system does not start correctly. You deserve to begin the Recoextremely Consingle from the Windows Server 2003 CD, or at startup via the startup food selection if you previously set up the Recoincredibly Console on the computer system.

RUN THE RECOVERY CONSOLE To run the Recovery Consingle from the Windows CD or DVD, follow these steps: 1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD in the computer’s CD or DVD drive and also restart the computer. 2. When you obtain the message that prompts you to press any crucial to begin from the CD, press a vital to start the computer system from the Windows Server 2003 CD. 3. When the Welcome to Setup screen shows up, push the R essential to begin the Recoexceptionally Consingle (Figure 4-18).


Perdeveloping Server Repair

4. Select the Windows installation that you must access from the Recovery Console. 5. Follow the instructions that show up on the display, form the Administrator password, and also then push ENTER. 6. At the command also prompt, type the correct Recoincredibly Consingle commands to repair your Windows Server 2003 installation. See Figure 4-19.


Figure 4-19 Recoextremely Console

7. To quit the Recoextremely Console and restart the computer system, kind leave at the command prompt, and also then push ENTER.

INSTALL THE RECOVERY CONSOLE To install the Recoexceptionally Console as a startup option: 1. While Windows is running, insert the Windows Server 2003 CD in the computer’s CD or DVD drive. 2. Click Start, and then click Run.

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3. In the Open box, type the adhering to line, where the drive is the drive letter of the computer’s CD drive or DVD drive that includes the Windows Server 2003 CD, and also then click OK: drive:i386winnt32.exe /cmdcons 4. To install Recoextremely Console as a startup choice for Windows Server 2003 x64 edition, form the complying with line: drive:amd64winnt32.exe /cmdcons 5. Click Yes when the message shows up, to install the Recovery Consingle. 6. When you get the message that claims that the Recoincredibly Consingle is successfully installed, click OK. 7. To use the Recoexceptionally Console, rebegin the computer, and then use the ARROW keys to choose Microsoft Windows Recoexceptionally Consingle in the Please choose the operating mechanism to begin list.

Some of the commands easily accessible in Recoextremely Console include: • Attrib: Changes qualities on one file or folder. • Bootcfg: Used for boot configuration and recoextremely. You have the right to use the bootcfg command also to make transforms to the boot.ini file. • CD (chdir): Changes the present directory. • Chkdsk: Checks the disk for errors. • Cls: Clears the display. • Copy: Copies one file to a tarobtain area. • Del (delete): Deletes one file. By default, you cannot usage wildcard personalities. • Dir: Displays a list of all documents, consisting of hidden and also device papers. • Disable: Disables a Windows device company or a Windows driver. • Diskpart: Manperiods partitions on difficult disk volumes. • Enable: Enables a Windows mechanism company or a Windows driver. • Exit: Quits the Recoextremely Consingle and then restarts the computer. • Expand: Expands a compressed file. • Fixboot: Writes a brand-new boot sector on the mechanism partition. The fixboot command also is just sustained on x86-based computers. • Fixmbr: Repairs the boot partition’s understand boot record (MBR). • Format: Formats a disk. The /q switch perdevelops a quick format. The /fs:file-mechanism switch states the file mechanism. • Listsvc: Displays all accessible solutions and motorists on the computer system. • Md (Mkdir): Creates a catalog. • Rd (rmdir): Removes a brochure. • Ren (rename): Renames a solitary file. For Windows Server 2008, you would certainly usage the WinPE disk rather of the Recoextremely Console. Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 3.0 is a minimal Win32 operating mechanism via restricted services, built on the Windows 7 kernel. It is offered to prepare a computer system for Windows installation, to copy disk images from a netoccupational file server, and also to initiate Windows Setup. Besides being offered to deploy operating systems, it is an integral component in recoincredibly modern technology with Windows Recoextremely Environment (Windows RE). A few of the tools included in the Windows PE disk include: • BCDBoot: Used to conveniently set up a system partition, or to repair the boot atmosphere located on the system partition.

• BCDEdit: A command-line tool for controlling the BCD Store, which defines the boot application and boot application settings such as the boot menu. • BootSect: Used to reclaim the boot sector on your computer. • Deployment Image Servicing and also Management (DISM): Used to organization Windows imperiods off-line before deployment. • DiskPart: Text-mode command interpreter to regulate disks, partitions, and also volumes. • DrvLoad: Adds out-of-box chauffeurs. • OscdImg: A command-line tool for developing a photo file (.iso) of a customized 32-little or 64-bit variation of Windows PE. • Winpeshl: Controls whether a customized shell is loaded in Windows PE or default Command prompt window. To pack a customized shell, produce a file named Winpeshl.ini and location it in %SYSTEMROOT%System32 of your customized Windows PE photo. • WpeInit: A command-line tool that initializes Windows PE each time Windows PE boots. It installs Plug and Play tools, processes Unattend.xml settings, and also loads netjob-related resources. • WpeUtil: A command-line tool that allows you to run miscellaneous regulates in a Windows PE session.

REPAIR THE INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS SERVER 2003 You might have the ability to repair a damaged Windows Server 2003 installation by running Windows Setup from the Windows CD. To repair your installation of Windows, follow these steps: 1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD in the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive and boot from the Windows installation disk. 2. After Setup starts, press ENTER to continue the setup procedure. 3. Press ENTER to select the choice To put up Windows now, push ENTER. Do not select the Recoexceptionally Console choice. 4. Press F8 to accept the licensing agreement. 5. Setup searcs for previous installations of Windows. If Setup does not uncover a previous installation of Windows Server 2003, you can have actually a hardware faiattract. If Setup does uncover a previous installation of Windows Server 2003, you may get the adhering to message: If among the adhering to Windows Server 2003 installations is damaged, setup have the right to attempt to repair it. Use the up and also dvery own arrows to choose an installation. To repair the selected installation, push R. To continue without repairing, press ESC. 6. Follow the on-display instructions to repair the installation. After you repair your Windows Server 2003, you may be required to reactivate your copy.

RUN SFC IN RECOVERY CONSOLE TO REPAIR BOOT FILES To run SFC in Recovery Consingle to repair boot files, follow these steps: 1. Boot from Windows Install Media (Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 DVD). 2. At the Welinvolved Setup display screen, pick the connect for repair rather of clicking OK. 3. At the repair menu, choose Command also Prompt. 4. At the command also prompt, type the following command: SFC/Scancurrently /OffBootDir=C: /OffWinDir=C:Windows

The device file checker energy, Sfc.exe, enables administrators to shave the right to all protected resources to verify their versions. Files important to restart Windows that do not match the meant Windows variation might be reinserted with the correct versions. If a document is repaired, the equivalent registry data is likewise repaired. Protected documents that are not critical to restart Windows are not repaired. SFC offers the following options: • /SCANNOW: Scans all safeguarded device records instantly. • /OFFBOOTDIR: Use this choice for off-line repairs. Specify the place of the off-line boot brochure. • /OFFWINDIR: Use this alternative for off-line repairs. Specify the area of the off-line Windows catalog. Unfortunately, Windows Server 2008 does not have actually a repair option comparable to Windows Server 2008. Instead, you can percreate an in-place upgrade or percreate an upgrade.

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RECOVER A WINDOWS SERVER 2008 OPERATING SYSTEM FROM BACKUP If all else stops working, you will certainly need to recuperate your operating device using a Windows Setup disc and also a backup: 1. Insert the Windows Setup disc right into the CD or DVD drive and turn on the computer. If required, press the compelled crucial to boot from the disc. The Install Windows Wizard must show up. 2. Specify language settings, and then click Next off. 3. Click Repair your computer. See Figure 4-20.