Windows 10 you do not have permission to save in this location

I"m downloading and install a file on a webwebsite with IE10 and also try to save it right into c:/regime records (x86)/games/download/then this message pops out "You don’t have permission to save in this area. Contact the administrator to obtain permission."I created the "download" folder, I can conserve the file in other places in one more drive and also cut/paste into the downpack folder BUT

I CAN"T conserve as, from IE10, straight right into the folder....never before had this trouble with previous home windows.Win8 was set up after a format.uac is disabled.

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Vijay B
Replied on December 21, 2012

Hi Jetto,Thank you for posting your query in Community.I understand how frustrating it might be once things perform not work as meant. Please do not concern I will attempt my best to fix it.1. Does the problem happen only through the downloaded files?2. Did you make any type of readjust to the computer system prior to the issue?Method 1: Run the program that you usage to conserve the file as an administrator

1. Right-click the shortreduced that starts the regimen, and also then clickRun as Administrator to start the routine. If theRun as Administrator choice is not accessible, follow these steps:

a. Right-click the shortcut that starts the regime, and then clickProperties.

b. Click theShortcut tab, and also then clickOpen Documents Location.

c. Right-click the executable file for the program, and then clickRun as Administrator to start the program.

Note If the program was mounted by using an .msi package file, you should situate the executable file for the regimen to run it as an administrator. For instance, a shortcut to a Office routine does not encompass theRun as Administrator alternative.

2. Save the file

Method 2: Save the file to the Documents folder and also then relocate it to the location folder

a. Save the file to theDocuments folder.

b. Right-click the file that you conserved in step 1, and also then clickCut.

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c. ClickStartCollapse this imageExpand this, clickComputer, right-click the location folder, and then clickPaste.

d. Type the administrator password as soon as you are promptedMethod 3If the problem occurs only via the downloaded papers, then you deserve to try the procedures from the complying with link:Try to open Net Explorer 10 in no-add-ons mode and also inspect if you’re able to pack the websites.

a) Press the‘Windows+R’ essential on the key-board.

b) In the Run window type‘icheck out –extoff’ and also click ‘OK’.

c) Now try to open up the websites to inspect if you’re able to pack the websites.

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Method 4I would certainly indicate you to try the actions from the adhering to link:How to reset Web Explorer settings The Recollection Net Explorer Settings attribute might recollection security settings or privacy settings that you added to the list of Trusted Sites. The Reset Internet Explorer Settings function might additionally recollection parental control settings. We recommfinish that you note these sites prior to you use the Recollection Web Explorer Setups feature.Hope this information is helpful and do let us know if you require further assistance. We will be glad to help.