Windows 10 unable to reset your pc a required drive partition is missing

the factors for the error techniques exactly how you have the right to solve it just how Partition Recoextremely have the right to help you

Are you ready? Let"s read!

Why you view that error

It’s a pity if you enrespond to the error “Unable to reset your PC: a forced drive partition is missing”. But, if this has actually currently happened, the finest thing you have the right to execute is figure it out and also uncover the ideal solution. So, the majority of most likely you have actually a damaged MBR and/or BCD. In enhancement, a mechanism faitempt may have actually emerged that will certainly damage mechanism files or the tough drive itself.

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Method 1. Try SFC

This energy is designed for finding and addressing errors on the disk and is also straightforward to usage.

Because of this, usage it first.

Go to the command line in any way convenient for you. For instance, right-click Start and select Command Prompt (Admin). Then, enter the command: “sfc / scannow”. Then press Go into. Wait for the process to finish and also restart the PC.

run sfc to eliminate the forced drive partition is lacking error

If, after that, a message pops up on the screen: “Unable to recollection your PC: a compelled drive partition is missing”, this method is not for you.

Method 2. CHKDSK is also helpful

Chkdsk is also a good utility for fixing a disk and also the error “Unable to recollection your PC: a forced drive partition is missing”.

Pay attention! If some documents are erased and also you desire to reclaim them, you have to usage recoexceptionally software initially. Causage otherwise, your recoverable documents will be reduced right into 512kb pieces. You can check out why that happens in this write-up - use CHKDSK safely.


Use Partition Recoincredibly. This software program duplicates the file mechanism (UFS, HFS, NTFS, XFS, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, FAT12, ReFS, Reiser4, etc.) for a deeper search for lost information. The application will certainly regain videos, photos, papers and also other papers of any size, unchoose comparable applications. The wizard will aid you via all stages of recoexceptionally, many thanks to its intuitive and handy interconfront. You deserve to select from the cost-free or paid variation of Partition Recoincredibly. In general, this data recoincredibly alternative fits like no various other.

So push the Success and also X secrets together.

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Now type the 3 letters “cmd” and press Enter.

In the new black window, you will view the following: "C: Windowssystem32> _."

At the flashing cursor, enter a drive letter. Press Get in. For instance,

. One essential nuance: tright here is a distinction in between “d:” and also “/”).


- repairs errors on the disk.


- repairs sectors on the disk.

After that, rebegin your computer and also examine all vital files.

Method 3. Use Bootrec, if you have actually the Windows install disk

First, you must boot from the original Windows installation disk. Now open up Command also Prompt and also enter the following regulates in order (push Get in after each command):


Now you have to obtain the boot disk and also enter the last command; exit and confirm the action by pressing Enter.

Reboot the computer system. Does the message “Unable to reset your PC: forced drive partition is missing” still bvarious other you? Then you have actually one method out: Method 4.

Method 4. Reinstall Windows

Yes, reinstalling the OS will certainly absolutely help remove the “unable to reset your PC: a required drive partition is missing” error. Do this in any way convenient for you or call a organization center.

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Good luck!

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