Windows 10 theme keeps changing

Am utilizing Windows 10. Have constantly had background set to slidepresent to change every1 minute. It was functioning fine and also then every one of a sudden last week, it began transforming on its very own earlier to image rather of slidepresent. Keep reestablishing it and it appears to have a mind of its own. Have additionally adjusted design template in instance this has actually some impact. But no issue what I carry out, the establishing alters on its very own. Any suggestions??? Thanks incredibly much!

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Hi LindaSchrieberg1, I"m Roshan V S, Windows professional and a Windows user prefer you.A. Modify Deskheight Background Slidedisplay settings1. First of all, start by hitting the WIN + R keyboard combination or search for Run in the Cortana search box to launch the Run box.2. Type powercfg.cpl and hit Get in. This will launch the Power Options home window.3. For your schosen power plan, click Change Plan Setups. This will certainly open up a new web page.4. Then click Change progressed power settings.5. This will launch a new window through the majority of power usage alternatives.Expand also the alternative that says Desktop Background Settings. Next off, collection the slideshow to be Disabled or Paused for both the scenarios: On Battery and Plugged in.6. Click on OK and also then reboot your PC for the changes to take an result.B. Disable Windows Sync settings1. Start by right-clicking an empty space and click on Personalize, or hit WINKEY + Ito launch settings. Navigate to Personalize food selection.2. Now, click left side food selection called as Themes.3. Then, on the choices, you obtain in the ideal panel, click Sync your settings under the section of Related settings.4. This will certainly open up a brand-new section in the Setups app. Inside there, turn off the button toggle that claims Sync settings.5. Reboot your COMPUTER for the alters to take an result.6. Now after the COMPUTER has actually done rebooting, adjust your desktop computer background to your preferred one and examine if this has actually addressed your problem.C. Change the desktop background1. Start by right-clicking on an empty room and also click Personalize, or hit WINKEY + Ito launch settings. Navigate to Personalize food selection.2. Now, click on left side menu named as Background.3. Then, on the best side panel, click the drop-dvery own button labeled as Background and also click Picture.4. Now, click on Browse and also pick the photo of your option.5. Now under the drop-down of Choose a fit, select the one that matches the resolution of your screen.6. Reboot your machine for the final alters to take place.Do get earlier to us with the result. We will be glad to help if you require additionally assistance.Regards Roshan V S Indepedent Advisor