Windows 10 system restore black screen

I lost my Internet connection on my Windows 7 pc, so I"m trying a mechanism reclaim yet the computer came ago on with a babsence screen and also the mouse visible nopoint else. It"s been like this for hrs - what have the right to I do?

BTW, I tried 2 mechanism restores before this one. Both were "successful" but neither resolved the problem. Everypoint is much worse currently as I can even watch my desktop computer, files etc, which were there and functioning prior to.

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As per the description, I understand that your COMPUTER starts through a Black display. I will certainly absolutely help you through the worry.

I would certainly indicate you to follow the actions stated below:

Method 1:

Start your PC intoSafe mode referring to the connect stated listed below and also examine if it helps:


If the concern does not occur in Safe Setting, then you may boot the computer system in aClean Boot state and examine the standing.

When you begin Windows, generally tright here are several programs that begin immediately and also run in the background that may interfere via the game. These programs might include antivirus and system utility programs. When you percreate a clean startup procedure, you prevent these programs from founding immediately.

How to percreate Clean Boot on Windows

Note:After you have actually finished troubleshooting, follow measures under “How to recollection the computer system to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot” in the short article to boot to normal startup.

Method 2:

When you use the Recoincredibly Environment (Windows RE) to troubleshoot startup worries, first try theStartup Repair choice in theSystem Recoincredibly Options dialog box. If this does not resolve the issue, or if you need to manually troubleshoot additional issues, usage the Bootrec.exe tool.

Startup Repair is a Windows recoexceptionally tool that deserve to fix specific mechanism difficulties that might proccasion Windows from starting.It scans your computer for the difficulty and also then tries to deal with it so your computer system deserve to begin properly.

Startup Repair is one of the recovery tools in the System Recoincredibly Options food selection. This collection of devices is situated on your computer"s hard disk and on the Windows installation disc.

1. Rerelocate all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer system, and then rebegin your computer system using the computer"s power switch.

2. Do among the following:

o If your computer system has actually a solitary operating mechanism set up, press and also organize the F8 vital as your computer system restarts. You should push F8 prior to the Windows logo design shows up. If the Windows logo appears, you have to attempt again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt shows up, and then shutting dvery own and also refounding your computer system.

o If your computer has actually even more than one operating device, use the arrowhead tricks to highlight the operating device you want to repair, and then push and host F8.

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3. On the Advanced Boot Options display screen, usage the arrow tricks to highlight Repair your computer system, and then push Go into. (If Repair your computer system isn"t listed as an option, then your computer system does not incorporate premounted recoextremely choices, or your network-related administrator has turned them off.)

4. Select a key-board layout, and then click Next off.

5. On the System Recoextremely Options menu, click a tool to open it.

Due to the fact that you are unable to boot the computer, you might need to produce a bootable Windowsinstallation media and also then percreate an Automatic Repair and if it doesn"t aid then you may try to reclaim your computer to the previous day.

Note:When you usage System Rekeep to restore the computer system to a previous state, programs and also updates that you installed are removed.

The link gave listed below might help you to downfill and also create installation media.

Download Windows 7 Disc Imperiods (ISO Files)

Method 3:

Try to rebuildBCD making use of theBootrec.exe tool.

To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you have to start Windows RE. To execute this, follow these steps:

1.Placed theWindows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.

2.Press an essential once you are triggered. Select alanguage, a time, a currency,a key-board or an input method, and also then clicknext.

3.ClickRepair your computer.

4.Click the operating mechanism that you want to repair, and also then clicknext.

5.In theSystem Recoincredibly Options dialog box, clickCommand also Prompt.

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6.TypeBootrec.exe, and also then pressENTER.

Refer to the complying with connect for even more information:

How to usage the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and also repair startup concerns in Windows