Windows 10 slow install

Today I am going to comment on a Windows 10 installation problem with you as I have actually experienced it on a client’s computer. After that, I’ll provide its solution that uncovered in the case examine. The trouble is: When I attempt to install Windows 10, its installation rate is incredibly slow — exceptionally slow-moving.

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So let’s start through the problem, the problem is; as soon as I start installing Windows 10 on a computer system, the moment when the computer boot up from the USB drive (Windows 10 bootable USB) is exceptionally extremely slow. Even the first installation Wizard home window came up in around 45 minutes. After 45 minutes the first home window will come up, when I pick the language in the installation wizard, it took even more 30 to 40 minutes to go to the following window. I cancel it bereason I have actually established that tright here is somepoint wrong with it because the usual installation process doesn’t act prefer this. The computer configuration is Intel i5 2300, 6GB RAM, through 100MBPS Net connectivity.


My Case Study

I didn’t recognize whether the problem is in the USB drive or on the computer system itself. So, I begin finding out to its solution, here are my findings. I have actually even contacted Microsoft assistance about that, yet they just replied that recollection your BIOS settings to defaults, and also make a fresh Windows 10 USB again from the media production tool, and also readjust your USB or switch the USB port etc. I did all that yet those steps did not job-related for me.

My Diagnosis

Finally, I found its real solution. I have done deep study on it and found that the problem is in the Hard drive’s connection. So, the first thing need to perform is switch the SATA cable into an additional port of the Motherboard. If it doesn’t job-related, then either your SATA cable / HDD’s power cable gets faulty or periodically the SATA port that is located on the motherboard is gone faulty. So, you’ll have to diagnose it from your finish by altering it one by one. If you have connected any kind of exterior HDD or SSD (various other than installation drive) then unplug it for a while. Sometimes external drive occurs this kind of trouble.


The one thing is clear, the trouble is in the tough drive connection, so please rectify this problem and also then slow-moving installing the difficulty will certainly be solved.

Solution 1: The SATA port wbelow the SATA cable is connected on the motherboard might not work-related appropriately or gone faulty. Switch the SATA port — please unplug the SATA cable from the current port and then put it into an additional available SATA port of the motherboard. Tright here must be 4 SATA ports easily accessible on the motherboard.

Solution 2: Unplug the SATA cable from both ends and also then reattach them properly. Do the very same point to its power cable which comes from the power supply.

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Systems 3: Sindicate, unplug the outside HDD or SSD (various other than installation drive) if connected.

Equipment 4: Replace the SATA cable and its power cable, probably both are acquired faulty.

Equipment 5: Reset the BIOS settings.

Systems 6: It might be because of your RAM faulty — So please any kind of Extra RAM plugging into your computer. OR relocation the RAM if you have just one RAM into your computer.

Switching the SATA port is the vital solution in my instance (Equipment 1). If you have actually associated an additional HDD or SDD on this computer system for backup, then please unplug it for a while. So, we hope that it will certainly work-related for you also. We have actually defined the same in my below given step-by-action overview. Please follow the measures and resolve the slow-moving installation trouble.

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In this blog, I have mutual my endure with you. If you have actually any kind of question or suggestion, please let us know in the comment section dvery own listed below.