Windows 10 skype notifications not working

I am making use of Windows 10, and the Skype App that came through it. (Not Skype for Company.)

I have its symbol in the taskbar.

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But once I obtain a message, the taskbar symbol doesn"t adjust to present me that I got a message.



I found a way to gain it to show that a message was got.

(Note: This will work for future messages, but not retroactively.)

In the Start Menu, I appropriate click on Skype > More > Turn Live Tile On.

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Then on the following message you get, it will certainly show that 1 message was received:


UPDATE:This does NOT constantly job-related. The alert count does not always show up. I recommend switching to Standard Skype (aka "Skype for Windows") if feasible.


Turn on"Sexactly how badges on taskbar buttons". The symbol still does not flash, however you obtain a number bubble of the variety of brand-new messperiods you have. Setting>Personalization>taskbar


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