Windows 10 screensaver stuck

I downloaded home windows 10 three days ago. Today when I turned the computer system on the computer mouse did not display on the display screen. I shut the computer system off and changed the batteries in the mouse. When I turned the computer ago on it checked out a photo of some rocks by an ocean. The mouse still does not work. On the display it asks "Do you like what you see". I can"t get past this display screen. Any for this?
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What is the make and also model of the computer

Method 1:If you are utilizing an external USB mouse I indicate you to un-plug and re-plug the mouse. Re-plug the mouse preferably in a various port and inspect.

Method 2:Do an automatic Repair of windows 10 from the bootable media and check.

Follow the actions mentioned below:

Boot from the Windows 10 disc.Once choosing your language, time and key-board settings, clickNext to pack the following home window, then click on the Repair your computer attach on the bottom left corner of the home window.You have to then be presented with aChoose an Option display, via Troubleshoot as an choice to choose.In theTroubleshoot display screen, select Advanced options.SelectAutomatic Repair from the Modern options display and also then select the target operating device to repair, which would certainly beWindows 10 in this case.

Hope this helps. If you need even more assistance with Windows, let us know and also will be glad to help.

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Replied on September 1, 2015
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Mystery of being stuck on Display Saver/Login Screen can be as simple as clicking the Num Lock vital and also making certain its involved which then takes you to the Login Screen. Once there enter your password and also hint the Enter key on the keyboard.

I just aided my parental fees login after 24 hours of them trying to figure out what was wrong via their brand-new computer that I freshly upgraded to Windows 10.

Apparently Windows 10 took away the feature that enables you to usage the computer mouse to click enter and replaced it via a password viewer that unscrambles the password.

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I figured it out by sheer accident once I was talking and also not paying attention to what I was doing and also I clicked the symbol via my mouse favor I always do and also I preserved wondering why I couldnt acquire the computer system to work-related. My herbal inclination wregarding then save clicking with the mouse while I was offering the display my full attention. Once I realized that feature no much longer operated choose the enter vital, I pressed it from the keyboard and also wala, the mystery was fixed.