Windows 10 quick access rename

What I"m trying to find is to rename the shortcuts without renaming the original folders names.

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OS: Windows 10

This question isn"t a duplicate of Windows 10: Rename pinned items in Windows Explorer"s Fast Access. This question is asking around how not to rename the original folder with the same name of its Fast Access shortreduced on being renamed, while the various other question is asking about the existence of the rename function itself — not its relation through the original folder name.

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Windows does not have actually the capacity to rename Quick Access pinned items,so one demands to quite usage the workabout of pinninga symbolic connect to the folder.

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The procedure is described in the articleRename Quick Access pinned folders in Windows 10in detail and also with screenshots.Here is the bare method :

Unpin from Rapid Access the folders you wish to rename.

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Create a new empty folder, for example c:Usersyour_namePinned Folders.

Open a new Command Prompt (CMD) window and also form the complying with command per each folder to pin:mklink /J "%userprofile%Pinned FoldersNew Name" "c:pathfolder to pin"(%userprofile% is exact same as c:Usersyour_name)

Right click the items in %userprofile%Pinned Folders and also pin them to Fast Access.

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