Windows 10 optimization not available

Microsoft"s Windows operating device runs maintenance work including disk evaluation and also defragpoint out routinely on its own.

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Many Windows users and administrators do not should run these manually anymore, however tbelow are situations wright here you"d like to do so.

I checked Optimize Drives recently and uncovered that Windows refused to run on 2 of the hard drives. Windows presented "Optimization not available" as the standing, "unknown" as the media type, and also "never before run" as the last run day and also time.

You deserve to access the Optimize Drives tool by right-clicking on a drive in Explorer, choosing Properties from the context menu, and also opening Tools > Optimize.


The analyze and optimize butlots can not be offered in the home window as they were not active. My initially presumption was that this might have something to execute via encryption, as both volumes were encrypted and also only mounted as soon as I needed to accessibility data on them.

Two remedies pertained to my mind: try the command line variation of defrag to view if it would certainly job-related, or usage third-party defragmentation software application choose Smart Defrag, Vopt, Defraggler or Live Defrag. I made a decision to attempt the command also line tool defrag initially as it is a first-party solution.

Fixing the "Optimization not available" issue


You must launch an elevated command also prompt to gain started. If you are on Windows 10, use the shortreduced Windows-X to display the "hidden" food selection and also choose Command Prompt (Admin). You might additionally open up Start on any kind of variation of Windows, form cmd.exe, right-click the outcome, and also choose run as administrator to launch an elevated command prompt home window.

The core command also is defrag and you may want to begin running defrag /? to screen all command also alternatives. Microsoft has a handy referral on the company"s Docs webwebsite that explains each of the parameters and gives some examples.

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You might desire to run an evaluation first. The analysis returns the fragmentation condition of the drive and also gives a recommendation.

defrag p: /A

The command also analysis the fragmentation status of the drive P on the gadget. You have to readjust the drive letter if it is not drive P that you desire to analyze. The command also defrag c: /A would analyze the C drive rather.

You might defragment the drive if the drive is fragmentised, e.g. when Windows recommends that you need to defragment the drive.

defrag p: /U /V

The command also runs the defragmentation operation on drive P. The parameters U and also V echo development and also information on the display while the procedure takes location.

You will certainly alert that defrag runs fine on the drives even though Windows" "Optimize Drives" tool refprovided to run these operations.

Tip: If you want to defrag SSDs, use the parameters /L and also /O too. It instructs defrag to run a trim command after the operation completes and to run the correct optimization for the media kind.

Other parameters of interest are:

E -- To percreate the procedure on all drives except those that you specify.C -- To perform the defrag procedure on all drives.X -- To consoliday totally free disk room on the volumes you specify.

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Cshedding Words

If Windows refprovides to run defragmentation operations on a drive in "Optimize Drives", use the command line version of defrag instead to run the regulates.