Windows 10 failure to display security and shutdown options

If you encounter a message – Failed to display screen security and shutdvery own options trying to open up the Security and also link options home window pushing CTRL + ALT + DEL or if you are trying to restart / shut dvery own the mechanism, this write-up might be advantageous.

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Faibrought about display screen defense and shutdvery own options

The probable reasons of this trouble are:

Corruption of system files.Some third-party programs may problem via the procedure.Third-party protection software program stays clear of the process.

The error may be accompanied by the declaration

The login process could not screen defense and login choices when you pressed Ctrl + Alt + Del. If Windows does not respond, press ESC or usage the power switch to rebegin.

You have the right to try the adhering to remedies to settle problems:

Run an SFC and DISM analysisRun the utility for troubleshooting device maintenance issuesTroubleshoot the system in the clean boot state.
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1) Run an SFC and also DISM analysis

The primary cause of the problem is corrupted system papers. In this case, perdeveloping SFC and also DISM scans might be beneficial. These devices have the right to assist detect absent and corrupted papers and relocation them.

The System File Checker is built right into Windows Reresource Protection, which protects regisattempt tricks and folders, and critical system records. If transforms are detected in a safeguarded system file, the modified file is restored from a cached copy situated in the Windows folder itself.

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If SFC scanning does not assist, you deserve to run DISM evaluation.

2) Run the device maintenance troubleshooter

The system maintenance troubleshooter checks for system troubles and, if important, troubleshoots them. The procedure to run the utility for troubleshooting system maintenance worries is as follows:

Press Success + R to open the Run window and also form the manage panel of the command. Press Enter to open up the Control Panel home window. Change the View by alternative Small icons (or Large Icons, it does not have to act Category).

To select Troubleshooting> System and Security. Choose the System maintenance Troubleshoot the list and run it.


Rebegin the mechanism as soon as you are done.

3) Troubleshoot the system in a clean boot state

If third-party software interferes via procedures, the possibility have the right to be isolated by restarting the system in a clean boot state. This way, you have the right to prevent the third-party software program from beginning at boot time itself.

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If the problem is readdressed after rebooting the device in a proper startup state, try to identify the problematic regimen and also uninstall it.