Windows 10 error 0xc000000d


You might receive miscellaneous error codes when Windows crashes and also stops working to begin. And this particular day, we are going to talk around the 0xc000000d “Your PC needs to be repaired” boot error. If you come throughout the error code 0xc000000d once Windows crashes, check out this short article from MiniTool for remedies.

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The error 0xc000000d is a Windows blue display screen error through the message “Your COMPUTER requirements to be repaired’. When the error occurs, you cannot boot right into Windows efficiently and the following error message will be shown on the computer system screen:


Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data record is lacking some compelled information


Error code: 0xc000000d

What causes the error code 0xc000000d Windows 10? As displayed in the error message, the lacking or corrupted device records prefer Boot Configuration Data paper might lead to the 0xc000000d “Your PC have to be repaired” error.

And absolutely, you are unable to boot right into Windows if the crucial system documents are corrupted or missing. When it happens, the many vital thing is to recuperate the helpful information stored on your PC. So follow the actions listed below to retrieve the helpful information on your computer initially. Then you deserve to troubleshoot the error code 0xc000000d at ease.

Recover Your File from the Computer through 0xc000000d Error

0xc000000d can render the computer system unbootable. Before I present you exactly how to deal with the error 0xc000000d, you’d much better recover information from the unbootable computer system first. If mistaken operations reason additional damages to your information, it will be challenging to recoup the shed information.

In this instance, MiniDevice Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate is recommfinished to aid you recuperate your data from the computer system through the 0xc000000d error.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate is a piece of professional data recoincredibly software, which deserve to aid you recover assorted file kinds such as documents, photos, audio, music, videos, emails and also so on. Besides, MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate supports SSD file recoexceptionally, HDD recovery, SD card and flash drive recoextremely and also so on.

More importantly, it has a built-in Bootable Media, which have the right to help you recuperate data as soon as the computer system stops working to boot. Now let’s view how to recoup data from an unbootable computer system through MiniDevice Partition Wizard.

Step 1. Get MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate by clicking the complying with button and install it on a normal computer system.

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Tip 2. Create a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD disc with the integrated Bootable Media.


Tip 3. Connect the bootable USB drive or disc to the computer system with error 0xc000000d.

Tip 4. Enter the BIOS settings to set the bootable USB drive or disc as the first boot choice. Then boot from the disk.

Step 5. Then the MiniDevice Partition Wizard Bootable edition will certainly be released automatically. Wait a couple of second. If not, click Partition Wizard to launch it.


Tip 6. On the main interchallenge of MiniDevice Partition Wizard, launch the File Recovery wizard.


Tip 7. After launching the Data Recovery feature, you deserve to check out that all the detected disks and also partitions in different sections. Select a partition and click Scan. Here I take partition G as an example.


Recoexceptionally Result: this section will show the last scanning result record and you can manually load scanning outcome to examine reextended papers directly.Logical Drive: this section will show all existing partitions on your COMPUTER, including removable gadgets.Lost Partition: this area will certainly be displayed up when tright here are shed partitions on the computer.Unallocated Space: this area will be presented up when there are unalsituated spaces on your computer.Hard Disk: this section will certainly list all hard disks on the computer.

Note: In the bootable edition, every partition has its drive letter including the mechanism scheduled partition. So, the drive letter of eextremely partition have the right to be readjusted. You can pay attention to the partition size to make certain you pick the appropriate partition to recuperate.

Step 8. Waiting for the scanning completed. Throughout the process of scanning, you have the right to pausage or speak the scanning by clicking the Pause or Stop switch if you find what you require.


Tip 9. Check the items that you need and click Save switch.


Tip: the complying with butlots located on the optimal tool bar have the right to assist you uncover essential file conveniently.

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Sjust how lost file: By clicking this function, you deserve to just watch the lost records presented in the recoincredibly result.Find: You have the right to click Find to search a specific file by matching instance or matching word.Filter: You have the right to search for papers by their filename/extension, file size, development or alteration day via this attribute.

Step 10. At last, select a catalog to save selected papers. It is recommfinished to conserve the respanned papers on another drive. Otherwise, the lost/deleted information can be overcreated. You deserve to conserve the documents to an external device.


If you need to recoup vital files from the computer with error 0xc000000d instantly, attempt using MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate.

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Now, it’s time to resolve the 0xc000000d your COMPUTER demands to be repaired error after respanning the crucial files. Here are top 5 solutions that can aid you solve the error 0xc000000d. Let’s have a look currently.

5 Solutions to 0xc000000d Your COMPUTER Need to Be Repaired Error

After recovering the crucial papers on your PC, you have the right to try the adhering to solutions to fix your PC demands to be repaired 0xc000000d error.

Equipment 1. Run Startup Repair

When you encounter Windows startup worries choose error code 0xc000000d, you have the right to run Startup Repair to deal with it. You can follow the actions below to run the Startup Repair.

Step 1. Create a bootable USB drive via Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on a normal computer system.

Tip 2. Insert the bootable USB drive on your COMPUTER and boot from it.

Step 3. In the Windows Setup page, pick language to install, time and also money format, and key-board or input technique. Then click Next.

Step 4. Click on Repair your computer.

Step 5. Click Troubleshoot and then choose Advanced options.

Tip 6. Choose Automatic Repair on Advanced alternatives web page.


Then wait for the repair process completed, and also follow the prompts notification to boot up your Windows PC. However before, if Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC, you might try the following technique to fix the error 0xc000000d.

Solution 2. Reconstruct BCD

As discussed before, Boot Configuration Data paper missing is a crucial reason for 0xc000000d “Your PC requirements to be repaired” error message. If Startup Repair does not assist, then try rebuilding BCD file through Command also Prompt.

Step 1. Boot from the Windows bootable USB drive you’ve created prior to.

Step 2. Go to Repair your computer > Troubleshoot > State-of-the-art options > Command also Prompt.

Step 3. Type the adhering to command also and also hit Enter one by one.

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /rebuildbcd


Tip 4. Restart the computer system.

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After keying the bootrec /rebuildbcd command also, you might enrespond to “Total Identified Windows Installations 0” error message, inspect out the following short article for services.