Windows 10 custom scaling below 100

I would certainly choose to collection my monitor"s range under 100%, however Win10 only allows me set it to 100% or better. Why won"t Windows let me execute that? Is there any workapproximately to perform that?I am conscious of the truth that scaling listed below 100% will certainly bring about linked pixels.


You need to usage a registry hack to acquire scaling worths below 100%:

Open the Registry, navigate to HKCUControl PanelDeskpeak, and also double-click on LogPixels to modify. If tright here is no LogPixels, produce a new DWORD value and name it LogPixels.

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Make certain the Base is set to Decimal.

The default worth is 96, as in 96 dots-per-inch, which is "100% scaling". Values lower than that will certainly be sub-100% scaling worths.

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Next off, in that same Key, find Win8DpiScaling. It it doesn"t exist, make an additional DWORD value and name it Win8DpiScaling. Then modify it as follows:

If the worth of LogPixels is 96, then Win8DpiScaling have to be 0. If the value of LogPixels is anything besides 96, the Win8DpiScaling worth must be 1.

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Unfortunately in Windows 10 tright here is no way to set reduced DPI than 100%. Only means to make points smaller sized is setting resolution above default (or buying bigger monitor). Sometimes it might expect to produce custom resolution in you graphic card driver.

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