Windows 10 creators update download size

Has anyone set up the update after the Anniversary Upday on win 10 residence pc/lapheight ? If yes any problems or glitches so far ?

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Windows 10 32 little - 3,082 MBs

Windows 10 64 little - 4134 MBs

I had the ability to upgrade both a desktop computer and lapheight to the Creators Update without troubles.

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Make certain you lug out some of the complying with instructions prior to upgrading:

12 Things You Should Do Before Installing Windows 10 Creators Upday (Version 1703)also

Check this List to Determine if Your Computer is Compatible through the Windows 10 Creators Upday or Anniversary Upday or Not

Just loaded it to a windows 10 OS. The dowloaded gigabytes were in the community of 8 gigs. I would certainly guess between 6 to 8 gigs. Sorry I can"t be even more specific. I supplied my phones hot spot. I started via around 400 megs of supplied data. In the finish my information consumption was simply over 8 gigs. The mechanism was a fresh install. It had already been fully patched prior to the Creators upgrade. Hard disk room went from aboit 29 gig to 37 plus gig. Definitely not a sub 4 gig downpack to usage the upgrade app.

the dimension has to be 4.8828125 GB

considering that eincredibly 1% takes up 50 MB

and also 100% comes approximately 5000MB

which is 4.8828125 GB

hope that helps you saving your money for extra documents ;)

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I am downloading and install the windows 10 creators update

given that it has actually supplied even more then 4Gb information however still it is on 13%

its taking 200mb for 1% . Wht shld i execute now?

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Installing Windows update can obtain stuck if tbelow is a corrupted file. Since that your Windows update installation was stucked on 13%, we suggest that you run theWindows Update Troubleshooter.

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Let us know just how it goes.

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updating 64 bts OS, 81% and nearly 12gb perished

This because Windows is maintaining the old operating mechanism files and also the brand-new to enable it to revert to the old in instance of a problem. You can usage Disk cleanapproximately delete the old operating system files (Windows.old) as soon as you are happy via the upday.