Windows 10 attempting repairs long time

Hello. A few days back I set up the motorists of a USB Wifi adapter (from TP-Link), however the adapter didn"t work so I restarted my PC. It still didn"t job-related so I rebegan it again. This time once booting up it obtained stuck in the initial BIOS display (the one through the manufacturer logo, Asus in this case, that states push DEL to go to BIOS). I didn"t recognize what to perform and also was in a little of a hurry so instead of in search of a solution in tright here I rebegan the computer system again (by pressing the power button). I probably shouldn"t have actually done that.

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Now it passed that BIOS display however got stuck in another loop: a black display screen through the white Windows logo design and also the loading dots that initially shelp "preparing automatic repair", then "diagnosing your PC" and also finally "attempting repair"... and also it obtained stuck tright here. I left it prefer that for many type of hours yet nopoint changed.

I searched for a solution virtual and also tried doing some things. First I resetted the BIOS to its default settings (didn"t solve the problem). Then booted from a USB drive and saw the Cutting edge Startup Options. Tried doing a System Restore, but reportedly I didn"t have any kind of gain back point so that didn"t occupational. Also tried uninstalling the lastest updays (both attributes upday and top quality update), yet it confirmed a difficulty while uninstalling so it couldn"t finish the process.

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Then I saw the command display screen and also created this command:

bcdedit /set default recoveryenabled No

As much as I recognize it disables the automatic startup repair attribute. The command also was run properly and also I rebooted. This time tbelow was no "attempting repairs..." loop, but instead I acquired this blue screen: (I acquired told that I"d most likely obtain an error while running that command) (it"s in Spanish, translation below)




The device requirements recovery

The operating mechanism couldn"t be loaded bereason it can"t discover a vital system driver or it"s damaged.

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File: Windowssystem32drivers dis.sys

Error code: 0xc0000102

Choose among the following choices to adress this issue:

Press ESC for recovery

Press ENTER to try again

Press F8 for startup configuration"

Looks prefer a crucial issue. What must I carry out now? Can this be solved without losing my files? Thank you in advance, I"d appreciate any type of help.