Windows 10 add family member something went wrong

Problems through windows 10 adding household member account or various other customers. In accounts select Family & other users message keeps coming up in red "We couldn"t connect to family best now so your household on this tool might not be up to day"

Select + Add a family member & message comes up "Somepoint went wrong, try aget later or pick Cancel to erected your device later", this keeps coming up, I cannot add a family member

Select + Add someone else to this COMPUTER enables me to include someone, however as soon as I log in it wants a password that I never before gone into for the perchild. Tried all the pw"s I ever before provided before & none work. Ask to send a pw with some chain & it asks for security code. I enter all that were ever sent to me & that does not work.

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Can someone familiar with windows 10 tell me what"s going on?

Thanks, George

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Uttam Yadav
Replied on August 12, 2015


Sorry for the delay.

I appreciate if you can answer a few questions:

1. What is the make and design of your computer?

2. Which editions of Windowsdidyou earlier?

3. Are you trying to create family members account for the first time or you have created earlier?

Reply us via the information so that we have the right to proceed via the following step.

Thank You.

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George Kovach
Replied on August 12, 2015
In reply to Uttam Yadav's write-up on August 12, 2015

Thanks for your response to my problem.

My computer is home developed BioStar TP45E Combo through Intel P45 chipset

Previous OS was Windows 7 Professional 64 bit version

I didn"t have an account put up that I"m conscious of under Windows 7. When I mounted Windows 10 upday it defaulted to my wife"s Hotmail address. How it gained that I have no concept bereason she will not come anywhere close to my computer. I was asked in the time of install if I wanted to log in through a pin number & I collection that up & it operated fine however I can"t include my ID then delete the undesirable ID.

I uncovered a help that confirmed actions tosetupPW"sas follows:Start > run > userpassword2 to gain to the list of user names & change PW"s. I wrongcompletely used this to setup my login ID & password. When I logged out of home windows 10 I could not log back in. Windows 10 would not accept any type of PW"s that I setup. I wound up gaining aPW recovery routine from SmartKey & was able to setup aPW & deserve to now login with thePW that SmartKey setuphowever only with my wife"s ID &I have to type that in eextremely time to log in because Windows 10 defaults to an ID of which the PW"s I have will not work.

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I desire to have the ability to setup user login indevelopment without losing my PW"s, delete my wife"s ID & have the login display default to my ID. I would likewise favor to setup a pin for that login.

Should I attempt a reinstall of Windows 10 Free or buy the full version or do you have an additional solution that will certainly deal with this?