Will iphone alarm work with phone off

On the feature phones I provided to have actually, I could set the alarm clock, then rotate the phone "off": the alarm clock would certainly create at the set time anymethod. Can I execute this on iPhone?

By "off" (in quotes, because, we recognize that from electric point of view, some parts of the phone stay powered) I suppose the state of the phone you acquire once it is turned on, then you press the power switch for a couple of seconds, then a red slider appears saying "slide to power off" and also then you slide it.

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Playing the Clock alarm sound calls for the main application ARM processor/CPU to be running the OS and also Clock application. When you "slide to power off", power to the main CPU, radios and also audio amplifier is rerelocated. So, although the iOS tool keeps time (as long as the battery isn"t entirely dead yet), it can not run the Clock application to play any kind of sound.

When you simply "lock" the gadget (easily tap the peak button and the display screen transforms off), the CPU still periodically gets power (something favor a couple of times per second), and also the audio circuits can be powered and also energetic (to enable background music, and so on.), so alarms have the right to go off in that state.


The alarm will not ring because that code runs on hardware that is powered off and also a software application stack that is shut down at that suggest.

The only 2 items that will certainly start an iOS tool that has gone with the slide to power off "power down" process is plugging in to power and pushing the lock/wake button.

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Nopoint functions on the hardware in this state except the real time clock component and also the hardware responsible for powering up the gadget / responding to USB power being applied to initiate charging and also power up.


Nop, it can"t. The simple factor is because you revolve off the power. So there is no way to count time and also to understand as soon as it have to ring


To answer your question in a brief manner...

No, when you shutdvery own you iPhone by holding the power switch and also sliding to power off you are entirely disabling your iPhone. Same through the battery being dead.

It will not turn on to wake you up.It will certainly remain off nopoint will certainly occur.

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It will certainly just wake you up if it has actually battery power and also is turned on.

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