Will flashing a phone unlock it

No, it will certainly not. No firmware update will certainly unlock your Android handset. You will certainly must unlock it using a code attached to your IMEI - tbelow are some dodgy online areas to resource these, ask the pertinent forums for some direction.

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Rooting and unlocking are two various points, When you root a phone/gadget you are unlocking the potential of the Android Operating System. When you "unlock your phone" you are allowing the phone"s hardware to accept various other carrier"s SIM cards.

Hello .

if i understand also what you mean , --

then , You cannot install a practice ROM onto a maker that has not been Rooted .

Rooting will certainly Unlock the Bootloader of the tool and that will certainly let you Flash Custom ROMs choose Cyanogen or any various other .

so Root > Unlock > Flash .

and also not the various other method approximately .

if you want to recognize more around rooting , examine the jiyuushikan.org Guides section and also download the "Android Guide . "http://www.jiyuushikan.org/pages/download-these-are-the-droids-youre-looking-for-an-android-guide

What part of that question do you not understand? If you are not sure what you are talking about, then shut up.
Thank you for your practical contribution, Ekun. I"m looking forward to seeing more helpful remedies from you!
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