Awww look how cute and also hetero they are through their little bit beers.Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no this episode of W&G is problematic.

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But in in between, it’s pretty fun. After a couple of middling episodes in a row, we’re starting ago on the best trajectory through this romp via Will’s duplicitous mind — and also Grace’s, concerned think of it, though we’re making use of that word extremely in a different way in both scenarios.

Words “crazy” is thrvery own about a bit haphazardly in this episode, and we’re trying not to do the very same, but it is a specific means to define the anticipation of a looming Seaboy 9 of Will & Grace. There’s virtually also many kind of promos for us to store track of these days, however we’re doing our best to share and share afavor. And we’re doing our ideal to power through Seakid 3 — a seaboy we’re already halfmethod done with — before our tasks acquire reeeeeally complex.

312 - Crazy in Love

Things obtain pretty cuckoo-bananas in Will & Grace-land, as Will prehas a tendency to like sporting activities for his new boyfriend…

Summary: Romantic guest star Patrick Dempsey is earlier, and also he’s helping Ben Doucette usher in a sea change in exactly how W&G handles the concept of romance. At leastern that’s Matthew and also Tess’s warm take. Plus: Mental illness is tackled extremely well pausage not.

“This episode of Not A Couple was funded by that waggly eyebrow noise.”

Things That Happened

00:00: This episode’s not titled after a Beyas soon as song, we recognize, we’re disappointed also, take it up with Cronus, god of time, daddy of the male Karen jumped out of the head of as soon as.

1:25: With Patrick Dempsey ago, it’s the hour of the gay jock on W&G.

Matthew: “I sort of favor sporting activities occasionally.”Tess: “You’re a liar. You’re a liar that tells lies.”Matthew: “No, I prefer — ”Tess: “Matthew periodically throws on a footround game and also calls himself Sporty Spice.”Matthew: “I favor watching sporting activities. I know all the rules…I understand many of the rules…I know most of the rules.”

03:01: You’ll be shocked that Will spends many of this episode pretending to be somepoint he’s not, for no factor.

GRACE: “What is happening to you?”WILL: “I told Matt that I’m a sporting activities nut, that I love watching sporting activities, that I particularly love playing baseball, and that I’m really good at it.”GRACE: “How quick can you get out of town?”

4:40: W&G hasn’t chose exactly how dirty it wants to obtain via the gay in-your-end-o, with the authors making Will acquire dvery own on all fours off electronic camera however denying him the possibility to make a sex place joke.

06:03: Regardless of his sporty subterfuge, Will is a lot more endearing than manipulative this week.

07:54: Matthew puts his journalism hat ago on to talk about Patrick Dempsey’s possibilities as on-air talent.

09:18: The return of Matt hammers home a basic shift in W&G this seakid, through both protagonists obtaining to have significant romantic partners for the first time considering that the pilot.

Matthew: “For so a lot of this present, Will & Grace has been around the Will-and-Grace dynamic — about their aromantic connection, just how dyspractical it is, just how it keeps them from having actually romantic relationships. And currently they’re having actually romantic relationships, and also they’re still having actually to address the fact that they themselves are sometimes the trouble.”

12:32: While Grace’s dispute this week seems to simply be the obvious tensions of trying to redecorate Jack’s apartment, we get a curveball of “crazy” proparts.

JACK: “Ooh, it’s a letter from her therapist. I feel negative reading it.”KAREN: “I understand. It’s destructive. Move your hand. I can’t see.”JACK: “ ‘Borderline personality disorder.’ ”KAREN: “ ‘Job-associated stress.’ ”JACK: “ ‘Prone to aggressive outbursts.’ ”JACK/KAREN: “Oh! She’s a psycho!”

13:35: Grace’s pseudo-psycho plot is so, so complex, for absolutely no reason.

15:15: This plot was pretty funny, considering just how problematic it was, yet it’s likewise component of a long, damaging tradition of media that uses BPD as a catchall for women who are crazy and angry.

Tess: “If this is expected to be borderline personality disorder, it’s a really negative depiction of it. It seems choose no one in the writers’ room or the actors have any clue what that actually expected. They simply took it to intend ‘generically crazy.’”

20:45: While sitcom personalities are regularly attracted generally sufficient that normal personality deviations can be inflated to near-mental illness levels, that’s progressively not a excuse for creators to do so unintentionally.

23:35: This episode of Not A Couple functions an additional dose of time travel, videotaped before our trip to London and also released after our return!

Link Roundup

“Crazy in Love”: Listen to Beyonce’s masterpiece, or the Beygency will certainly gain you.

Crazy in Love: Obviously Beyonce isn’t the first perchild to name somepoint “Crazy in Love,” yet IMDB states our episode namer is this semi-obscure TV movie starring Holly Hunter (holy ’90s, Batman). Based on a book by Luanne Rice, it adheres to 3 generations of a family that live on an island in Washington state and also have actually men troubles so they zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Gay jocks: We tried to uncover you some interesting information on the subsociety of gays that are into sports, yet this was difficult to execute at work-related bereason males are disgusting and also introducing the concept of sporting activities right into the concept of gays reportedly only leads to porn on Google. Thanks for destroying a nice thing, everyone.

Sports Go Sports: Did we also name-check this in the episode? Eh, listen anymethod.

Made of Honor: This romcom might be as stupid, inane, and also sometimes insulting as its brethren in the genre, yet it does fuck with the principle of only same-gender friends being a bride’s maid of honor, so even though it transforms out Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan were in love the whole time it’s still worth it.

Pitcher/Catcher/Switch Hitter: We think you have the right to figure out what this suggests in the context of sex-related positions … yet if not, functioning on present notes this week has made it extremely clear that Google is prepared to provide you as many visual aids as you have the right to handle.

The X-Files Theme Song: In instance you, favor Tess, can remember this design template song yet not actually sing it, right here you go.



We preferred this chart so a lot, we aren’t even making you click the link to view it.

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Hollyhardwood Personality Disorder: Even if you have actually not listened to this episode yet, I’m sure you will certainly not be surprised to learn that Hollywood is not specifically excellent at the art of showing mental illness through treatment and decency. Doing the Lorde’s work-related, TV Tropes has actually helptotally compiled a considerable list of personality disorders along with some examples of how they’ve been shown throughout media background. Plus tbelow is a fun drawing of the Parking Lot of the Personality Disordered.