Hey males I have to deal with this, so I think that while I was having some issues via my internet at home my Wii U might have been updating somepoint, bereason once I rotate it on it doesn"t pass tturbulent the Wii U logo and also the just way of turning it off is unplugging it.I might"ve lost my receipt and also I do not know if there"s some sort of digital warranty so having actually to send it for repairs is my worst fear ideal now.Please aid, I"ve got exams in 2 weeks and also this is not a great time to be depressed....please.

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Well, I"m pretty certain an update can just cause difficulties if you"re installing it and also it shuts off throughout the installation. If the Wii U is automatically downloading an upday behind the scenes, and it loses a connection, it need to be simply fine. I had that occur as soon as, and also to fix it all I had actually to execute was unplug the Wii U. Try unplugging it for about 10 secs, (Do a minute if you want to be absolutely sure) and then try aobtain. Also, Nintencarry out warranties last for a year, and also I"m pretty certain all you need is your Wii U"s serial number, which have to be on your Wii U somewbelow. If unplugging the Wii U doesn"t occupational, just speak to Nintendo"s tech support. I hope this helps!

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If it is downloading, do not issue, you can safely turn off your consingle. but, don"t unplug the system as soon as installing the information. Purchased contents from eShop have the right to be downloaded aacquire with no additional fee as long as you don"t delete your Nintenperform ID from your mechanism. To check your downloads, carry out the following:1.From the Wii U Menu, choose the Nintenexecute eShop icon and tap "Open."2.Select "Menu" or press the Y button3.Select "Profile."4.Select "Your Downloads," and also the kind of content being redownloaded.5.Tap "Download Aget."•If the selected content has actually a rating, it will certainly be presented on the display screen. Select "Next" to continue.6.Tap “Downfill Aobtain.”7.The downpack will certainly start immediately. Select "Continue" to go back to the Nintenexecute eShop Menu.

Source: Nintencarry out assistance.

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Had that very same point take place to me. Unplugged for some time however it still didn"t seem choose it was ever going to acquire past the logo design. Thought it was bricked.But then i just left it on, waited some minutes, did somepoint else and the food selection was tright here.