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Address:412 8th Avenue in between 30th & 31st Street, New York, NY 10001, USA
Phone:+1 212-695-0007
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Mary Ellen Brademas

BUYERS SHOULD KNOW: that you are not obtaining a brand also new wig from this store. We were indeveloped that they only carry 1 or 2 of each style and also they are all supplied as samples for customers to attempt on. Keep that in mind if you are someone who likes new and unworn pieces... This was my initially time wig shopping ever. Thank God my friend that is a wig professional was via me because we basically received no help. The human being working there were extremely dismissive. We were looking for a herbal blonde wig which I understand also is not always quickly obtainable however after asking once or twice if specific wigs came in blonde we were told "this is all we have actually." Then once we were all set to buy the price was so much greater than what was on the mannequin and we were told that is because customers mix them up once trying on... our negative luck right? It just was not an excellent suffer and I dont think my frifinish and I were being tough at all. I was in a pinch to get a hair item so ended up buying a wig that looks great however is artificial, cannot have actually warmth applied, and has been worn and also touched by who knows exactly how many other human being... for virtually $200... I think tbelow are plenty of various other places to try.

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A Private User

Ive been a loyal customer of Wigs & Plus for about 5 years currently. I was so excited to view the different/various styles of wigs when I walked in. its exceptionally rare to go right into a beauty supply save that has shelves on height of shelves of nothing yet bigs. Im a 100% human hair girl, so expect a beauty supply keep to have actually a very big inventory of wigs of all kinds, specifically humale of course. On height of that you can attempt them on, via the help of the staff at your very own individual vanity terminal. This way youre not on height of anyone trying to look in the one substantial mirror the majority of beauty supply stores have. Wigs & Plus absolutely did it for me. Ive been going there ever because 2005, & will continue to provide them my organization. Some wigs are extremely expensive however you need to mean that when it pertains to huguy hair. I dont mind it at all b/c it lasts for an extremely long time, it deserve to be wamelted, blowed dried, curled, crimped, bumped, level ironed, in some cases dyed.


Jeanine Broome

I understand why this area is called "WIg and also Plus". It is a conventional Beauty Supply keep, however they absolutely focus on wigs and also hair extensions more than they execute anything else. If youre trying to find somepoint of that nature, then this is the area to go. Otherwise, there is a great selection of beauty supply assets and cosmetics as well, specifically NYX Cosmetics.


bram harris

Found the wig I wanted. They looked in earlier and said they just had actually the one on display. I asked if there was a discount for display screen wigs . They shelp, no, they just lug one of each style (so why did she look in ago for another one?), yet even if they had actually another one in earlier, world would certainly have actually tried it on. So be conscious, ALL THEY SELL ARE USED WIGS at new wig prices.


Lucy Ha

Very nice staff. There is a comfortable dedicated area for the wigs wright here you have the right to check out them perfectly and also make your option. Its bbest enough to see the various colors of the wigs and also pick the best one.At my first visit, they helped me to uncover the perfect wig. I came ago couple weeks after to buy an additional one. They were beneficial and great advices.


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T. Jordan

I REALLY favor this Beauty Supply keep. Both owners and staff is VERY accomodating, friendly, valuable, and patient. The shelves organize a wide array of items and also excellent brands. I missed them since they moved.


Ronique Rodney

I will absolutely be shopping here aget. Was a great experience. I was assisted by Camila. She was incredibly beneficial and patient. Great customer company. Awesome wigs


Dorea Richards

Staff friendly and also very helpful. Plenty of stock to choose from. Would definitely recommand them