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Learning Objectives

Part One: Periodical Literature

I. The Importance of Periodical Literature in Research II. Types of Periodicals III. Electronic Journals IV. Types of Periodical Articles

Part Two: Periodical Indexes

V. General and Subject Periodical Indexes VI. Print and Computerized Periodical Indexes VII. Choosing the Right Index VIII. General Guidelines for Using Periodical Indexes IX. Interpreting Periodical Citations X. Key Points to Remember

Leschild Six Quiz

Lesboy Six Exercise



More than 165,000 periodicals are publiburned international. Given this substantial number of magazines, journals, and also newspapers, how perform you find write-ups on your topic?

The key to finding periodical posts is the periodical index. A periodical index gives lists of articles publimelted in selected sets of magazines, journals, or newspapers throughout a mentioned time duration. As such, simply as you have the right to usage an online magazine to look up publications on a topic, you deserve to use a periodical index to find articles on a topic. But remember that these are two different tools, each through its very own objective. Online catalogs are generally restricted to publications and also do not list individual articles in periodicals. You should usage a periodical index to uncover citations to certain write-ups.

Periodical indexes are produced and also sold by commercial publishers and also provided nationwide. In other words, a periodical index is not based on a details library’s arsenal of magazines and journals. Finding a citation in an index does not necessarily expect that your library have the right to carry out the actual problem of the periodical. You have to uncover out if your library subscribes to that periodical. (This is less vital if you are using a full-text or partial full-text computerized periodical index, as disputed in the following area.)

No single periodical index covers all the periodicals being published. Instead, a periodical index lists short articles from a details set of periodicals, on specific subjects, for a specified time period. You might remember from Leskid 4 that this is what’s called the scope of an index. Before utilizing an index, it’s always an excellent idea to learn its scope. What subject(s) does it cover? What periodicals are indexed? For what time period? This indevelopment have the right to commonly be discovered in prefatory product that acservice providers the index.

Thousands of periodical indexes are publimelted international. They have the right to be separated into 2 categories:

General Periodical Indexes: provides citations to posts publimelted in scholarly, experienced and opinion journals, news magazines, and renowned magazines. Covers a large range of basic interemainder topics – scientific research, social science, liberal arts, technology, etc. The InfoTrac OneFile is an example of a basic periodical index. Subject Periodical Indexes: offers citations to articles publimelted in academic and also experienced publications. Covers one certain topic (e.g. art, education and learning, or biology) or one specific discipline (e.g. science, social scientific research, etc.). Art Index and also Education Index are examples of topic periodical indexes.

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(NOTE: Newspaper indexes are a special type of periodical index that will certainly be totally debated in Lesboy 8. )