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Original review: March 3, 2020I bought this Funai 32 in model# LF320FX4F digital in 2017 and also it was working fine, then all of the sudden it wouldn"t rotate on and it makes a ear piercing sound. I feel prefer I got ripped off and also taken advantage of. I only got virtually 3 years of usage out of it, are you kidding me. I feel that the company kbrand-new that they were selling us tough functioning consumers a piece of junk via inferior components that they kbrand-new would certainly fail. I think they should be hosted accountable and also be made to rearea this with a dependable tv, or remoney our money so we can obtain one we can count on.

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Claudia of Milledgeville, GA Verified Reviewer
Initial review: Dec. 7, 2018My TV is about 2 years old and also it simply stopped functioning. It will certainly acquire part of a pic for about 2 secs and also then it will go off. I am exceptionally dissatisfied and also have 2 incredibly unhappy youngsters. What have the right to be done about obtaining it repaired or replaced? My husband and I are both on Social Security and we can"t go out and also buy a new TV eexceptionally 2 years bereason of negative workmanship. Is this why Walmart sells these on Babsence Friday, bereason they are cheap and won"t last. I would certainly think really tough prior to I take into consideration one more TV made by them. I would certainly appreciate some feedearlier on this trouble. I need a TV for these kids and once you buy one, you expect it to last even more than a couple of years.

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John of Lawrenceburg, IN

Verified Reviewer
Initial review: Dec. 6, 2018I bought this tv from Walmart during Black Friday 2013 and up to this particular day (practically 2019 at this point) I have had absolutely zero troubles with it. I have provided this tv VERY greatly to play video games for 5 years and it was worth the money 20x over. I have review through the reviews and also it blows my mind exactly how many type of world are having actually problems with this tv all the while I have had actually NONE. So glad I bought this! Not planning to also obtain a new tv anytime soon!

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Eddie of San Lorenzo, CA Verified Reviewer
Initial review: April 26, 2018For a worth oriented 32 in tv, it has the basic amenities. I"ve had this tv for practically 5 years and also it still works great. 3 HDMI ports and also 1 USB port. It likewise has an 3mm port for headsets or aftermarket speakers.

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Mack of Sumter, SC Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Initial review: Aug. 16, 2017Hi there everyone. Please review this evaluation very closely. I had actually bought a 32" Sanyo HDTV roughly November 2016 from Walmart in Manning South Carolina. Towards the finish of May 2017. My TV wouldn"t come on by the remote. I had actually to press the switch on the TV for it to job-related then it got worse. It would change networks on its own and I would certainly mess via the butloads for it to sheight. Hopefully on the ideal channel and also at leastern the volume continued to be at a decent volume. I called Sanyo customer business. Knvery own as Funai Corporation. I was assisted via trying to settle it and also it made it worse. So I was told I had to ship it to them. They (Funai corporation) gave me the shipping label thru my email. I had boxed it up put the shipping label on it and also shipped it out on June 3rd from South Carolina to Utah. I was told it will take approximately 15 to 20 for it to be repaired or reinserted through a reproduced TV.

I was choose okay. Well I had emailed Sanyo customer business on June 5th the day they got it. I waited over 2 weeks and also nopoint so from this time I had emailed them almost eexceptionally week for virtually 2 months via one contact to Sanyo customer company. And was told my TV was unrepairable and also that given that I had actually to wait so long and because they didn"t have a replacement tv that was a 32" that they was going to upgrade it to a 40" and I was prefer "Great. Thank you" because at this allude it was over a month. I think it was on July 7th 2017 when I was talking through them the second time on the phone and I told thank you and then she (the customer organization representative) shelp it will take an additional 15 to 20. I"m like "OMG. Why so long?" Well she didn"t into that. I sassist, "Okay. Well thank you." And she common me my confirmation number basically the recommendation number.

And we were done on the well 2 weeks went by aget. I emailed them aacquire and was told they knew my frustrations and also would certainly have actually my TV shipped that weeks which was approximately July 20th 2017 and I waited and waited and nothing. I emailed them aget and was told they"re working in it. Well on August 11th I believe I texted a message from FedEx I had a package coming. Well I was never before told as soon as it coming or how. Then late Saturday on August 13th 2017 tbelow was a note from FedEx that they had my package and also that they missed me and also would certainly ship it on the next delivery date which was Tuesday because of the home delivery business they offer was just for Tuesday and also Saturday.

I had actually to take my day off from work on August 1sixth 2017 and also wait for the FedEx truck to show up via my package. Which I didn"t mind bereason I had actually to keep my yard and cut the and carry out some repairs on my home. Well around 2pm that afternoon FedEx showed up with my TV. Well I simply brought the package inside and also simply finimelted up with what I had currently started on for my home repairs. I got done about 9pm that evening and came inside and tranquil for a few so about about 9:30 pm I opened up package very closely pulled the tv out of the with all the hard bubble wrap and lassist it down, removed the wrap and also plastic. Pick it up and also it didn"t look best from the glare off the screen. Tbelow was a blob to the center left of the screen and as I inspected the display screen I checked out at the peak appropriate it looked favored the plastic coming off from the and also I saw lines with out the screen. I was very upset and I sassist it better not be broke.

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I plugged it in and also smoke began coming from my ears. I grabbed my phone and also dubbed Sanyo customer service (Funai corporation). In secs obtained a customer business representative on the phone and also I told her by name that I was and desire happened and she shelp, "I deserve to sfinish you an additional one." I sassist, "Okay. I"m fine with that but the difficulties are that I have actually waited over 2 months for a replacement tv from and also I"m proud of the upgrade to the 40" but it is damaged and also offered once I sent out my brand-new tv and I furious and also very upcollection." I additionally shelp, "I know it wasn"t your fault and not your trouble. But somebody requirements to obtain fired over this. I do not treatment if 7 human being get fired. I should stop via your supervisor the CEO or the boss of bosses he or she. I do not care if you need to 3 way your boss at his residence."

She shelp, "Hold one moment please." I said, "Okay. Thank you." About 3 minutes later on she gets back on and claims, "Sir would you choose to sheight via the supervisor?" I sassist "Yes please and also thank you." She sassist, "Please host. I"ll deliver you." About 2 minutes later the supervisor gets on the phone and speak via and also I defined absolutely everything I just shelp prior to this allude and I explained to him this is ridiculous. I"ve waited over 2 months for this tv and also it"s broken and I"m extremely extremely upcollection and described to him I was proud of the upgrade yet something has to take place. People responsible demands to be fired. I don"t treatment exactly how many kind of. I was told 15 to 20 days the first go around and currently after 2 months I received a broken tv. He asked was the boxed damaged. I said, "No sir. The TV was well packaged in a smaller sized box that was in a bigger box." Tright here was indicators of damage on package and the TV walso packaged.

He constantly said he was sorry and that he would certainly get best on it and have upper administration gain to the bottom of this and have actually an examination done in the wareresidence and also find out why it took so lengthy for my replacement tv to be shipped out and discover out just how it acquired damage before or while it remained in the box. And he would email me a shipping label aacquire so I have the right to ship this broken 40" ago to them and also he shelp when they acquired it he would certainly try to have the various other replacement tv expedited to me much faster so could have it by the finish of next week. I shelp okay and also give thanks to you.

In all my life I have never been so upset through negative customer business. But as I checked my email. Later on he already had actually sent out me the email through shipping label from FedEx and also another email via various numbers in it as it looked chosen they were going to send me 32" instead of the 40" I was promised. Because they didn"t have a 32" in stock and also bereason of me having actually to wait beyond 1 month. I honestly don"t think that would be appropriate. Be sent out a 40" bereason the various other dimension was out of stock and because of the lengthy wait and also now it"s over 2 months and also it"s going to be 2 and also a half months before I have the right to gain the next one and I think in this situation the upgraded dimension must continue to be at a 40" instead downgrading earlier to a 32" once I promised a 40" in the initially.

If the next tv I obtain is a 32" I will be extremely upcollection and also if that one is damaged too I"m going to blow my top and also probably have actually stroke over this because it"s so frustrating and it shouldn"t be let alone I phelp for a brand-new tv and only had actually for a few months and also my replacement is a provided refurbimelted damaged tv. I honestly don"t think that"s right. I would certainly just sfinish a paper to the wareresidence to grab a 40" 1080 HDTV LED nonsmart tv brand also brand-new in the original manufacturing facility box, have actually it put in a slightly bigger box, put the expedited FedEx shipping label on it and have it out the door first point in the morning.