Does your video camera generally soptimal functioning in Snapchat? I FINALLY uncovered a continual solution!

Update: My solution isn't particularly infallible (obviously I didn't test enough before advertising that it worked). I'm functioning on it.

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Upday 2: I've disabled the Filters and Front-Facing Flash and so much, no electronic camera problems! I'm willing to bet that the filters are leading to troubles for you also - and also I have a concept regarding why, also. See listed below for instructions and also a feasible explanation

Do you obtain the 'Could not affix to camera' error in Snapchat on Android? Here is my list of things you can try, adhered to by the solution that finally fixed this trouble for me. My solution needs Tasker and Greenify apps though!

Note that not all of these remedies will certainly be applicable. Also note that these options differ in ease of execution, and also how harmful they can be to your phone...

Rebegin Snapchat (unmost likely to work but worth a try) Restart the video camera app Rebegin your phone (This have to usually work however it is a pain to carry out this eexceptionally time the camera breaks!) If that doesn't work, try refounding Snapchat, turning off your phone for a couple of minutes, then turning it on aacquire Uninstall Snapchat, rebegin your phone and also reinstall Snapchat Disable Geotagging of photos (Open cam, go to settings and switch it off there) Boot your phone right into recoincredibly mode, wipe Dalvik cache and also cache partition Update Snapchat (if tbelow is an upday available) Rekeep your phone to factory settings (you have to be pretty despeprice to perform this one) Rename the DCIM folder. The next time you run the electronic camera app, it will certainly recreate this folder. You will certainly must reclaim your photos from the renamed folder. Additionally if you have actually Google Camera set up currently, attempt uninstalling it and using the stock camera instead Flash the latest version of GApps for your ROM (if you have actually an LG G2 or somepoint similar) - Go to Settings > Display > Aspect Ratio Correction and also switch it off (if you have actually a Samsung Galaxy) - Go to Setups > Display > Adapt Display and switch it off

And lastly - the solution that fixes the Snapchat video camera problem for me:

(Actually to be honest it's even more like a workaround. And requires Tasker and also Greenify! If you don't have actually Tasker and Greenify, get them both now.)

Simply follow these instructions:

Create a new task referred to as 'Greenify Snapchat' or whatever you choose

Add the adhering to actions to the Greenify Snapchat task:

Kill App - Snapchat (App > Kill App > Snapchat) Hibernate Now - Snapchat (Plugin > Greenify > Hibernate Now > Snapchat)

Create a brand-new profile referred to as 'Snapchat Greenifier' or whatever before you prefer

Use the complying with settings:

Context: Application - Snapchat Exit Task: Greenify Snapchat

That have to carry out it! Since producing this profile in Tasker, my video camera hasn't failed once, even via thostormy testing!

The genuine solution:

Disable filters.

Seriously, that's it. If you don't understand how to execute that, here are the measures to settle your snapchat cam, in more detail:

Open Snapchat. If you get a blank display via a popup saying 'Snapchat cannot affix to the camera', save pushing Cancel till it goes amethod.

Click on the ghold at the peak of the screen:


Then click on the cog at the optimal ideal of the screen:


Scroll down to Manage, under the heading Further Services, and click on it:


Untick the Filters box:


If your video camera is not currently functioning, rebegin your phone.

You need to currently be able to run Snapchat without the camera failing any kind of more! You won't have the ability to sfinish breaks with filters, however who provides them anyway?

My theory as to why the filters reason problems is bereason Snapchat wants to use place services for at leastern among the filters (presumably the one that reflects your speed), and also this someexactly how messes via the camera and causes it to break. I always have area services turned off unless I'm using Google Maps, so it doesn't seem to matter whether you have actually it on or off - the electronic camera often tends to break either means.

If your cam breaks again after the the majority of current Snapchat update:

You should be able to resolve it by clearing your cache and rebooting your phone. You might be able to gain amethod via simply clearing the Snapchat cache; I cleared the whole cache partition from recoexceptionally and also this fixed it for me.

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This works for me and also hopetotally solves your Snapchat cam problems too! If none of the over options job-related for you, please message me listed below and let me know!

By the method, I am presently making use of the Resurrection Remix ROM, but had the exact same troubles via Cyanogenmod 11. I didn't have actually any kind of Snapchat electronic camera problems with stock ROM.