Yesterday I watched Call Me Madam, a 1953 movie via Ethel Mermale, Donald O’Connor, and Vera-Ellen, songs by Irving Berlin, which I don’t think I’ve ever viewed prior to. Very entertaining.

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I was struck by Vera-Ellen’s costumes, all of which spanned her chest and also neck, and her arms too. I remembered the meme “she had actually anorexia, and her neck aged badly and quickly,” and started googling for pictures – and even the earlier images of her, via chest and also shoulders exposed, normally had actually her neck spanned via a choker or scarf of some sort.

Example, instance, example, instance, instance, instance. (Not all, of course.)

“Everyone knows” it was around anorexia – yet I can’t find a solitary source wright here that’s presented as anypoint other than “everyone knows.” Where’s eve, dammit! I desire to know what the deal was with Vera-Ellen’s neck!

It’s a silly debate. Woguys wore necklaces to formal occasions in those days, and also the ones she has been pictured via don’t hide a lot.

I suppose the one point it could be hiding is a tracheotomy sautomobile, and her IMDB bio mentions she had severe health and wellness issues till she was nine, however tbelow needs to be more proof than that.

The IMDB says she did experience from anorexia, yet I constantly mistrust after-the-fact diagnoses on people. And what aspect of anorexia would certainly reason troubles over a little portion of her neck choose that?

(I’m afrassist your counterinstance photo is most likely not to be trusted. It’s a publicity photo, and they were constantly retouched.)

The very way every one of those necklaces cover precisely the same area on her neck does seem quite peculiar. I wonder if she had a mole or, as RealityChuck states, a svehicle or something like that. The visible parts of her neck are rather lovely, so I don’t think it might be much more than that.

Am I the only one that proceeds to be surprised from time to time just how many kind of really hot chicks there were earlier in the old days?

ASAKMOTSD March 9, 2008, 4:14pm #4

Adam’s apple


eleanorigby March 9, 2008, 4:44pm #5

I didn’t click your links, so foroffer me, however in White Christmas, her neck is constantly covered also. Hmm… You may be on to something. Then aget, she has (had?) a swan choose neck, and also that is the ideal sort to display off a choker.


I didn’t click your web links, so forgive me, but in White Christmas, her neck is always covered also. Hmm… You might be on to somepoint. Then aget, she has actually (had?) a swan choose neck, and that is the best sort to display off a choker.

Had. She died in 1981.

Actually the studio mechanism were severe jerks about physical appearance, and I understand also that even more than one female star had been offered at an early stage barriatric operations. Eve hopetotally will certainly be along shortly - yet the the majority of annoying bit I ever before heard that they virtually starved Judy Garland also and also Carol Channing discussed in an intercheck out that she had a medical condition wright here she can only eat a few bites at a time eextremely hour or so. Not to may actual clinical conditions that carry out that other than barriatric surgical procedure or removal of part of the stomach for other reasons…

I might seriously check out Vera Ellen not as an anorectic by option but by contracted pressure.


and also even the previously images of her, through chest and also shoulders exposed, typically had her neck covered through a choker or scarf of some type.

I desire to recognize what the deal was with Vera-Ellen’s neck!

Rumor has it that if you rerelocated the choker, HER HEAD WOULD FALL OFF! :eek:


Rumor has it that if you removed the choker, HER HEADVERTISEMENT WOULD FALL OFF! :eek:

o/ Sisters! Sisters! I"m-a gon" decapitate my sister! o/

The negative neck skin theory doesn’t really seem to work-related with the truth that many of the those necklaces attract attention to the neck, and don’t cover much of it. They can be hiding little scars, yet they aren’t enough to hid in its entirety neck crepiness.

No, clearly the early ones are around adornment rather that concealment – but it fascinates me that it’s so difficult to uncover a picture of her with her neck uncovered. Even my counterinstance isn’t exactly revealing of her neck, given the means the collar is reduced.

The “can’t check out her neck” thing is extremely well establimelted by White Christmas – which is 1954. Call Me Madam was a year earlier – which is why I began trying to track down as soon as the change took location. The stills I discovered for On the Town (1949) all seem to have her in high-necked costumes, however I haven’t viewed the movie in a pair of years and also can’t be certain that that is so for the whole movie.

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As a corollary, just how frequently was Audrey Hepburn’s neck shown? She’s an additional gamine star… I think these chicks just look warm in turtlenecks, mock turtles and chokers. We all need to be so lucky.