In Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone, Nearly-Headless Nick and some various other ghosts have the right to visit the Hogwarts students, yet why can not various other deceased civilization - such as Harry"s parents?


I think that the story wouldn't be as great if Harry's parents were ghosts. It would certainly end up all happy and they would safeguard him from the dursleys all happy LA LA la ... Without them its even more dramatic. Anymeans, he'll watch then in the afterlife.
At the end of Order of the Phoenix, Harry asks Nearly-Headmuch less Nick about the nature of ghosts, after the current fatality of an additional character. This is the many in-depth explacountry in the series of exactly how ghosts job-related, and also that comes ago as a ghost:

“Wizards deserve to leave an imprint of themselves upon the earth, to walk palely wbelow their living selves as soon as trod,” sassist Nick miserably. “But incredibly few wizards choose that route.”

“Why not?” shelp Harry. “Anymethod – it doesn’t issue – he won’t care if it’s unusual, he’ll come back, I recognize he will!” <…>

“He will not come earlier,” repetitive Nick. “He will have… gone on.”

“What d’you intend, ‘gone on’?” shelp Harry easily “Gone on where? Listen – what happens once you die, anyway? Wbelow do you go? Why doesn’t everyone come back? Why isn’t this location complete of ghosts? Why—?”

“I cannot answer,” shelp Nick.

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“You’re dead, aren’t you?” said Harry exasperatedly. “Who can answer better than you?”

“I was afrassist of death,” shelp Nick softly. “I decided to remajor behind. I periodically wonder whether I oughtn’t to have… well, that is neither below nor there… in fact, I am neither right here nor there…”

He offered a small sad chuckle. “I understand nopoint of the tricks of death, Harry, for I decided my feeble imitation of life rather.”

Order of the Phoenix, chapter 38, The 2nd War Begins

So just world that select to remain behind will certainly show up as ghosts. Presumably Harry’s paleas are in the majority of world that select to “go on”, as well as the person who’s just died.

Tbelow was an intercheck out through JK Rowling quickly after the publication of Deathly Hallows which debated the problem more succinctly:

If might meet as ghosts, that would be a much more systematic interaction, yet as Nick defined at the finish of Phoenix—I am straying into dangerous area, yet I think you most likely recognize what he explained—tbelow are some world who would not come ago as ghosts bereason they are unafrhelp, or much less afrassist, of fatality.

— JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Publication Festival, August 2004

So Harry’s parents were less afraid of death, and so they chose not to remain behind as ghosts.

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As to why they made this option, it’s harder to say. The way Nick phrases it, makes it sound like many human being would select to go on rather than remain behind (so they’d pick it as the default), yet it might additionally be their affiliation with Dumbledore:

“To the well-organised mind, fatality is yet the next great adendeavor.”

Philosopher"s Stone, chapter 17, The Man with Two Faces

As with Harry, I think Dumbledore would certainly have actually taught the Order of the Phoenix not to are afraid fatality, yet to accept it as the following action. That’s why Harry’s parents went on, and that’s why many various other characters in the series, who were also Order members, didn’t remain about as ghosts.