Game of Thrones: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Night's Watch The Night"s Watch are a team of human being tasked via manning the Wall in Game of Thrones — and also we still have actually so many kind of concerns...

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The Night’s Watch is one of the the majority of important institutions in Game of Thrones. Charged with manning the gargantuan wall in the north of Westeros and ensuring that hordes of wildlings (and various other things) don’t breach it, they need to deserve respect. Several of the series’ a lot of crucial and also best-loved personalities are members of the Watch, consisting of most notably Jon Scurrently and Samwell Tarly.

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As fascinating and crucial as they are, but, there are rather a few things around the Night’s Watch that don’t rather make sense and also that defy the logic of both the series itself and also simply ordinary prevalent feeling.

10 Why No One Believes In The Reaboy For Its Creation Anyeven more, Considering The Scope Of The Wall surface And Its Former Size

A recurring template of the series is how no one southern of the Wall-or at leastern further southern than Winterfell-believes that tright here are truly things north of it that are dangerous. This appears favor a very stvariety mindset to take, particularly considering the Wall surface is among the a lot of formidable structures in Westeros. Even taking right into account the way that background dulls collective memories, one still hregarding wonder how the southerly human being of Westeros can be so willcompletely ignorant.

9 What Will The Wall Do Now That The White Walkers Are Vanquished?

The question of what will happen to the Wall surface now that the White Walkers have actually been totally defeated is among the massive unknowns left at the end of the series. While the final episode does its ideal to tidy up all of the loose plot-threads, the viewer isn’t really offered any indication of what they’re going to do via it, particularly considering the truth that it now has a substantial hole in it (courtesy of a zombie Viserion). Perhaps Bran, through his powers of foresight, will certainly think of something valuable to carry out with it.

8 Why The Starks And The North Didn’t Do More To Keep The Force Up, Since They Still Believed At Leastern Somewhat

Unchoose their counterparts in the south of Westeros, the Starks of Winterfell have actually long memories. They, favor so many type of other people of the North, host to old beliefs and ancestral memories. However, even they seem to have fallen down on the job a little as soon as it concerned sending people to the Wall to store it well-manned.

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This seems choose a curious oversight from a household that was so conspicuously involved with the past and through the Wall surface in specific.

7 Why Lord Commander Mormont Didn’t Do More To Control The Bullies

Jeor Mormont Video Game of Thrones
Lord Commander is one of the a lot of sympathetic personalities of the entire series, and he’s among the few that doesn’t seem terribly ethically compromised. Even he, but, does things that seem to make no feeling. He had to have recognized, for example, that there were all sorts of bullies lurking in the middle of the Night’s Watch. Given just how competent he is in almost all other means, it’s even more than a little surpincreasing that he didn’t carry out even more to ensure self-control in his very own ranks.

Alliser Thorne is among the most unpleasant personalities in the entire Night’s Watch. He takes an immediate dischoose to both Jon Scurrently and Sam Tarly, and also he does everything in his power to make their lives miserable. While some of this have the right to be attributed to his seemingly sincere desire to make the Night’s Watch into the ideal fighting force it can be, the intensity of his antipathy toward both Jon and also Sam seems a bit misinserted and out of proportion (not to point out counterproductive).

5 Why Alliser Thorne Allied With Janos Slynt

Though for the the majority of component Alliser is a seemingly honorable male, there have been a couple of times when he’s done points that don’t really make feeling. At one allude, for instance, he also goes so far regarding ally himself via Janos Slynt, one of the the majority of unpleasant (and also deeply dishonorable) civilization to have ever before taken up a location in the Night’s Watch. Once aacquire, it’s tough to watch someone favor Thorne, that seems to genuinely treatment about the Night’s Watch, would take up via someone so obviously corrupt.

Throughout the series, it’s made clear that the Night’s Watch struggles through most points, and one of those things is a lack of sources. It’s likewise said that they were once able to sustain themselves on the Gift.

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This, yet, provides no feeling in some methods. After all, if the Watch can’t really maintain itself on the Gift as it stands currently, just how was it ever before able to carry out so in the past, once there were so many even more of them that required sustaining?

3 Why Jon Thought Maester Aemon Wouldn’t Die On His Voyage South

After Jon ascends to the place of Lord Commander, he makes the questionable decision to send Maester Aemon southern through both Sam and Gilly. This has constantly been something of a head-scratcher, especially given that also at the start of the series he was ancient. Why would certainly Jon think that this extremely feeble old guy might probably make it through a expedition southern, also if they were fortunate sufficient not to confront any type of of the plenty of threats that often pester a journey by sea?

2 Why Southern Lords Still Let Criminals Go To The Wall Instead Of Other Punishment If They Thought It Was All A Hoax Or Pointless

In Westeros, it’s very widespread for criminals to be sent to the Wall as a substitute for various other, worse punishments (Ned Stark is almost sent out there before Joffrey capriciously transforms his mind and also has actually him executed). However, this renders one wonder why they would certainly bvarious other to make this a punishment at all, provided that so many type of of them seem to additionally think that either the dangers past the Wall surface are hoaxes and that the Watch itself is pointless.

1 Why Olly Is Also Awful

Though Alliser Thorne more than likely takes the cake for being the worst person on the Wall, Olly comes in a cshed second. The series plainly desires the viewer to have at leastern some measure of compassion for him, provided that his family members are slaughtered by the wildlings. However, this doesn’t really aid describe all of his succeeding actions, many of which are, even by the requirements collection by this display, pretty sublimely awful. It’s another character that simply isn’t given enough development to make sense.

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