"I screwed via the wrong bitch.... I do not desire pity, I"m gonna whoop it up!" says the #FlippingOut designer. 

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Attention to all potential employers: Jeff Lewis is earlier on the job market. The Flipping Out designer hasn"t been shy about his current split from Living Spaces, a retail furniture firm he was functioning with as artistic director for nearly two years. On Monday night (August 10) during Watch What Happens Live, Jeff revealed what taken place that brought about his leave from the brand. "I got kicked to the curb," he shared. "And after the display aired, they did not choose how they looked and they fired me. And additionally the girl that sabotaged, well allegedly sabotaged my shoot, she had gone to HR. From what I gather, she might have actually intimidated a lawsuit as a result. Here"s the bottom line, civilization, I screwed through the wrong bitch.... I do not want pity, I"m gonna whoop it up!"

Last week, Jeff — and pal Jenni Pulos — had a tiny fun at their very own expense on Instagram, adhering to his job readjust.

LivingSpaces. Can I take Advil for depression? #HR #channagate #scapegoat #kickedtothecurb #devastated

A photo posted by Jeff Lewis (
LivingSpaces because I shelp on TV that someone didn"t perform theirs. #channagate #fallmale #terminated #humiliated

— Jeff Lewis (


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