Sometimes, I think that and Harry Potter are tied. They are both excellent stories, right? Recently, I have been doing many thinking and I think I favor better. Below, I am going to give you 5 factors is much better than Harry Potter, in my opinion, because I know it is all a issue of preference.

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5 There’s No Magic School

Yeah, this is a pretty excellent reason regarding why is much better than Harry Potter. Each year, they didn’t have to go to a college to learn their powers. They currently knew their powers. However, a school for vampires would certainly have actually added a cool twist to it, don’t you think?


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4 Edward Wasn’t a Dork

Yeah, sometimes, dorks are cute. However, Harry was a bit also dorky and I can’t view why girls also liked him. I execute prefer the stories, yet I don’t really did the movies as a lot. However, I like both the publications and also movies when it comes to


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3 Love Story

Harry Potter is not a love story and is. Therefore, in my opinion, I believe this would make much better than Harry Potter.


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2 Has Vampires

I prefer because it has actually vampires in it. I think this helps to make it better than Harry Potter, don’t you? Even just a little?


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1 Better Story

Personally, I think was better than Harry Potter because it had actually a far better story to it. constantly had actually my attention and even though I chosen Harry Potter, I faced moments of boredom.

Those are 5 reasons is much better than Harry Potter. I understand there are some pretty big Harry Potter fans out tright here that will swamp my blog with saying Harry Potter is better, yet that’s fine. Nothing wrong via Harry Potter. So, are you a Harry Potter fan or Or Both?

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Charlene FALSE! After Bella became a vampire she had actually to tr...

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Sry lag to continue #HarryPotter is NOT A DORK! He wears glasses! might be good, I won"t ever check out the books, however it is the nit picky details the 1st book made a recommendation to the 7th on the cacao frog card because Dumbledore beat Grindelwald... The love in I stalkerey where as hp it"s family members and also romantic! Lastly hp wouldn"t make feeling without the institution whatsoever before. Countered by an 11 year old wow


Natalie Those were some wimpy factors why is much better hp has vampires,


jensmile1206 I"m a Harry Potter avid fan forever before and I will always be a Potterhead:)I have nopoint versus bereason its likewise among my fave movies.I"m so in love via Harry Potter, the story,the personalities,the magic,the friendship and also of course the LOVE so Harry Potter rules:)Potter for Life:)Love every little thing around it:)jensmile1206 frm the Philippines:)


Dani I"m not also that substantial of a Harry Potter fan, yet this list had me confront palming all night lengthy. You should not have actually read the books if you believe that any kind of of the reasons you provided below are true.


Megan is an abusive connection. Harry potter teaches us life lessons.


justvernie Harry potter had vampires. Smh. And had a love story.


MedeaYCirceVolcaloid I am astonimelted past words, and also i will go rally as many type of fellow potter heads as I can.


MedeaYCirceVolcaloid Harry Potter or BUST!!! Also, we did have actually vampires.


Danielle The Harry Potter publications symbolized some problems that were in genuine life*


Danielle The Harry Potter books symbolized that actually taken place in genuine life, none of these reasons are also legitimate all they carry out are say what Harry Potter have to have in them, and also Stephanie Meyer must take lessons for grammar and also exactly how to actually write great novels.


Kailua Harry potter taught me that love is vital and also a mothers love deserve to mabey just save YOUR LIFE however the personalities in harry potter execute other points than love and weep


psvch Harry potter is method, method much better.


E any type of true fan have the right to proove that!


E just how deserve to you say harry potter does not have vampires!!! i signed up to this point simply so i might include my comment and join the voices anywhere screaming that the injustice of this page... FINE, you have the right to have your very own opinion, however dont try and also use logic to justify it bereason you are obviously biased, i assumed you said you"d read the Harry Potter publications, this is not hate mail, however simply... Harry Potters much better OK!


Emma I need to say, the comments on this short article just made me so proud.


Emma Harry potter forever!! ❤️⚡️


Emma is around how if a creepy one hundred year old vampire watches you in your sleep, your in love bereason he"s flawmuch less and also you smell excellent to him. and also talking about reality that your in love all day eincredibly day is, reportedly, true love and that having a boyfriend is the many important thing.


Emma Harry potter taught me exactly how to love. It taught me to be brave, to jot be afrassist to stand also up for what is right also if that implies standing alone. It taught me the prominence of friendship, and also that family members is forever before. it taught me that love will outlive death, and also that some things are worth dying for. It taught me to never speak believing that although human beings have the right to carry out destructive points, they have the right to additionally do impressive things, and also that great is worth fighting for.


CrazyGirl and also mystery!


Sarah Also, I apologize. It"s you"re, not your* I was simply so irritated that I couldn"t remember my grammar lessons, much prefer Stephanie Meyer.


Sarah First off, I signed approximately this website simply to comment on this article. Second, you literally sassist nopoint with any of your reasons (particularly "There"s no magic college." That reason alone provides Harry Potter better than Third, HP taught kids that it"s okay to be smart (Hermione) it"s important to stand also up for what is appropriate, even if your scared (All of everyone that dealt with against Voldemort) that friends deserve to be your family members and also household is everything., to steal Hazel Cash"s words: is around a girl who drops in love and also try"s to kill herself when he leaves. Also, they have sex.... But you"re right. is means much better than Harry Potter.


Hazel Harry was way better than Edward


Hazel Who"s through me?




Hazel Harry potter is much better than,harry potter teaches us to be brave and also fight for what is best, is around a girl who drops in love and try"s to kill herself when he leaves


Potter_all_the_means, i love you


Tiana I"m favoriting this JUST for the comments. Harry Potter forever!!! :D


Adrianna Also. Even the actors hate the book/movies


Adrianna So respond to to all of this. 1) vampires aren"t genuine so they fall under the magic category 2) Edward wasn"t a dork yet he was a sparkely emo boy 3) review the books. Tright here were plenty of love stories in the books. They aren"t just based off the love stories 4)there are vampires in the wizarding people. 5). Your opinion. But obviously you just liked the book bereason Edward was warm. Since also my cousin that is seven can tell it was an awful series


Nada I love number 5 " theres no magic school" bereason vampires do exist! 😄 *sense my sarcasm*


Britta Absolutely disagree


Erin These are not good reasons. HP fans don"t watch and check out the publications for simply Harry. There are so many kind of other complex characters within the publications also with their very own plot lines unraveling the entire time; such as Severus, Sirius, Hogwartz itself. It"s such a complicated series and I can"t think that you say that keeps you more captivated. Yes, it might capture your heart more prominently l, however you can not deny the initially time Ginny and Harry lock lips while his eye are closed and also she"s hiding the crown isn"t remarkable. Ok. Rant done.


Ann Tbelow is a reason she just has 5 reasons.


Potter_all_the_method you simply made my life 😂😂😂😂😂 completely agree through you.


Heidi This is complete bull


potter_all_the_method my hero!


hkaur ahh.. I loveeeee both.. I think both were terrific in their own methods.. They shouldn"t be compared.. I miss them both!! 😭


Anonymous Really? is much better bereason it is a romance book? Who cares? is a book around a sparkling vampire (thats an insult to vampires!! They burn, not sparkle in the sun), a man that turns right into what is expected to be a werewolf but nearly looks choose an oversized puppy via big teeth, and also a girl who goes emo as soon as her boyfrifinish leaves her. At leastern when Ron left, Hermione lugged on through trying to find the horcruxes rather of having an emotional breaking dvery own and sitting in a room for 6 months like Bella did


Hannah I honestly love harry potter so a lot I"ve check out the series a zillion times, I like, yet I simply do not like just how everyone is so caught up in the paranormal romances that is the 2first century, I know that some of Harry Potter was created in the 21st century but it is not a romance and I love that. I"ve constantly wanted to be a writer and also I just feel that J.K Rowling composed her series better then Stephanie Meyer. If you don"t prefer what I created then please do not comment.

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Potter_all_the_means There are so many kind of points wrong via these "reasons" I do not know wbelow to start. First, these are opinions. They are favor saying " I like cats over dogs because dogs slobber." That"s an opinion. Reasons actually have actually a factual basis. Like this: " I favor cats over dogs because dogs deserve to be a tiny reckmuch less and troublemakers but incredibly loyal." You don"t have to also point out the loyal part! Then there are your 5 "reasons" that are bogus. For example: 1) Is it REALLY a "better" story? No, you had actually no evidence of why was better than Harry Potter all you said was that "it bored me". You didn"t say why it bored you. And you have no proof it was a much better story. For all we know you can have actually simply check out the first book. And Meyer wasn"t as descriptive as Rowling. Meyer offered expensive words to define everything whereas Rowling didn"t have to usage a thesaurus for every word. Harry Potter worths bravery, heroism, and friendship with love in in between it all. worths love and also crying over to males that can"t speak sparkling or cant keep their shirts on for more than 5 minutes. Not that I don"t choose love stories, it"s simply that I don"t choose the exact same thing over and also over and also over aobtain. Plus, Robert Patterson admits he would certainly fairly be Cedric Diggory than Edward Cullen, so BOOM roasted. 2) Ok, it is main. You did not read any type of Harry Potter books other than for the first one. In the second book (Chamber of Secrets) among Lockhart"s books is Voyeras through Vampires. You would certainly have actually noticed Voyeras with Vampires is pointed out a number of times in the book. They cite vampires in the initially book also. Vampires were in Quirrels cover story. (Why he wore the tcity.). Then, vampires are pointed out throughout the series and one actually appears at Slughorn"s Christmas party in the Half-Blood Prince. Also, there are werewolves, goblins, dwarfs, giants, trolls, mermaids, elves, pixies, centaurs, hippogriffs, phoenixes, dragons, acromantulas, basilisks, and threshtrals. Tbelow are more than likely even more beasts than all the bones Bella has in her body, and also your whining about vampires. 3) Tbelow are most likely more couples in Harry Potter than in For example, James and also Lily, Lily and Severus, Lupin and Tonks, Molly and also Arthur, Bill and Fleur, Percy and Penelope, George and also Angelina, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny, Neville and also Hannah, Kendra and also Percival (Dumbledore), Merope and also Tom (Sr.) and so many more. Also, the girls of Harry Potter taught me a small somepoint around love. Ginny taught me not to be clingy, Hermione taught me that love will always discover me, and also Luna taught me to do whatever before I want once in love; anyone that can not appreciate that deserve to hit the road. But Bella taught me that as soon as love leaves you, jump of a cliff and also curl up in the fetal position. I suppose honestly, that is not an excellent message for hormone-crazed 15 year old girls. 4) Are you kidding me? Harry is not a dork. What made you think he was one? Was it the glasses? Cuz that"s simply stereotypical. Was it the scar? I have actually one one my leg, so are you gonna speak to me a dork? Is it the world he is friends with? Or are you simply as negative as Malfoy. Are you a fatality eater in disguise, searching for the one that made your master disappear? And I actually think Harry is smokin". Many girls autumn in love through him because he is a hero, loyal noble, brave, a good Quidditch player, and also not to cite totally easily accessible in the books 1-5. I am actually offended by calling Harry a dork. If anyone"s the dork here, it"s Edward. And all that researching he, Ron, and also Hermione does, it not dubbed being a dork, it"s referred to as being a student. 5) As Hagrid once sassist, "Wbelow do yeh think yer paleas learned it all?" Why can"t they just give them their powers and also skip Hogwarts? You"re missing somepoint apparent. Practice renders perfect. A) They need to practice making potions and also casting spells! B) You can"t learn Defense Against the Dark Arts from a book! (Unmuch less you"re Umbridge.). C) You need to learn astronomy. There is no book dubbed astronomy for dummies. D) You must learn how to control your powers. You must have learned this by currently. So following time you want to diss Harry Potter, think aacquire. Did you check out my opinions and reasons? Well you should have actually. Anymeans an additional point, FYI HP"s Bella could kick your Bella"s ass. Mischief Managed.