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Adele"s "Hello" was the initially song to market over a million downtons in a week.

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HappyPharrell Williams

If you have actually a whole day to kill, you have the right to inspect out the full variation of Pharrell Williams" "Happy" music clip, which was the world"s first ever before 24-hour music video.

AnacondaNicki Minaj

"Anaconda" was originally recorded by Missy Elliott in 2012, however the rapper decided to shelf the track so it was re-taped by Minaj two years later on.

Gangnam StylePsy

YouTube were required right into an upgrade after PSY"s "Gangnam Style" broke the video-sharing website"s hit respond to. Once the tune reached 2,147,483,647 views, the maximum positive worth for a 32-bit signed binary integer in computer, the view-counter could no longer job-related.

Oh WellFleetwood Mac

"Oh Well," from their 1960s Peter Environment-friendly era, is the just Fleettimber Mac song played in concert in every decade they"ve been extant.

You"re A Friend Of MineClarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons, who played the sax in Bruce Springsteen"s E Street Band also, had actually the biggest solo hit of anyone in the team - aside from Springsteen - when "You"re A Friend Of Mine" hit #18 in 1985.

Sub Pop Founder Bruce Pavitt On How To Create A Music SceneSong Writing

With $50 and a glue stick, Bruce Pavitt produced Below Pop, a fanzine-turned-label that provided the world Nirvana and also grunge. He defines exactly how motivated individuals have the right to change society.

Cheerleaders In Music VideosTune Writing

It began via a bouncy MTV classical. Nirvana and MCR made them scary, then Gwen, Avril and also Madonna put on the pom poms.

Jeff TrottSongwriter Interviews

Sheryl Crow"s longtime songcomposing partner/guitarist Jeff Trott reveals the stories behind many type of of the singer"s hits, and also what its favor to be a producer for Leighton Meester and Max Gomez.

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Amanda PalmerSongwriter Interviews

Call us crazy, however we favor it when an artist comes roughly that does not mesh through the status quo.

Songs in Famous Movie Scenes: Tarantino EditionMusic Quiz

Whether he"s separating ears or burning Nazis, Quentin Tarantino offers memorable music in his films. See if you have the right to enhance the song to the scene.

Which Restaurants Are Many Mentioned In Track Lyrics?Song Writing

Katy Perry mentions McDonald"s, Beyoncé calls out Red Lobster, and Supertramp shouts out Taco Bell - we uncovered the 10 restaurants a lot of regularly pointed out in songs.