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Eight games in two times slots? Half a dozen ranked teams?

Sounds prefer the annual February Frenzy, a "dress rehearsal" for"s upcoming coverage of the 2008 NCAA Tournament and among the biggest days of the constant season.

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On Sunday, Feb. 10, jiyuushikan.org2 will certainly showsituation eight regionalized games within 2 teleactors home windows (2 p.m. ET and also 4:30 pm ET). The day permits to hone the manufacturing coordination between game crews and also the studio essential to air the initially and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

But this month"s Frenzy will attribute something brand-new -- and it comes in pink. Teams such as NC State, Rutgers, Georgia and also LSU are expected to wear pink unicreates, shoelaces or shooting shirts to assist promote breast cancer awareness and also encourage fans to add to the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund.

The Jimmy VFoundation for Cancer Research, in cooperation via the Women"s Basketround Coaches Association (WBCA), launched the initiative in beforehand December. It honors NC State women"s coach KayYow, that worked alongside Jim Valvano at NC State before he surrendered to cancer in 1993. Yow, who has actually even more than 700 coaching victories, was initially diagnosed through breastern cancer in 1987 and also learned in November she has actually stage-four cancer.

More than 800 universities have signed on to celebrate the "Think Pink" initiative and make a docountry to the company of its choice (the Susan G. Komen Breastern Cancer Foundation or neighborhood cancer establishments or hospitals, for example). Rutgers tipped off the project on Tuesday; Connectireduced coach Geno Auriemma wore a light pink dress shirt via corresponding pink pocket squlocations the top-ranked and also formerly unbconsumed Huskies were upcollection.

From head to toe, the LSU Lady Tigers will certainly be thinking pink on Sunday.tbd by editorThe pink party proceeds Friday, as players in the Virginia-Maryland also game will certainly wear every little thing from pink shoelaces to pink headbands. When Baylor hosts Texas Tech on Saturday, 12 dozen pink T-shirts will certainly be handed out to fans. On Sunday, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Georgia and also LSU will certainly wear pink uniforms or uniforms through pink incorporated into them.

Breast cancer survivors are intended to attend each game of the February Frenzy, pink basketballs will certainly be raffled off for charity, and also coaches -- C. Vivian Stringer, Van Chancellor and Andy Landers -- are being motivated to present up in their favorite pink hue, be it salmon, carnation or coral inventions.

And on Monday, the commonly orange-clad Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., could be unrecognizable. Both coaching staffs and the officials at the scorers table are expected to be dressed in pink as soon as Tennescheck out hosts Rutgers (jiyuushikan.org2, 7 p.m. ET). In addition, two breastern cancer survivors (or someone presently undergoing treatment) will be schosen to serve as a guest coach on Pat Summitt"s staff.

In enhancement to pink socks or pink Gatorade towels, Think Pink participation from other schools will incorporate giveameans of pink pom-poms and also pink silicon bracelets. Some institutions will certainly donate a portion of the day"s gate to charity, while others are expected to even wear the Susan G. Koguys logo design on their unidevelops.

Fans watching from home likewise will certainly acquire an opportunity to watch Tennescheck out coach Pat Summitt sign up with pressures through Connectireduced coach Geno Auriemma in an public business announcement for the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund.

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The WBCA will organize the 4Kay run/walk as part of the FinalFour festivities on April 5.

A look at the Feb. 10 jiyuushikan.org2 schedule*:

2 p.m. ET: East Carolina at UTEP, Oklahoma State at Nebraska, Pittsburgh at Notre Dame, Georgia at LSU

4:30 p.m. ET: Louisville at DePaul, Ohio State at Wisconsin, Washington at UCLA, Boston College at NC State

* All 16 groups will certainly be home-market protected; the sectors through no team affiliation will certainly be relocated in-and-out of the most compelling game activity.