This practice allows you to encertain seasonality and budgain reallocation are accounted for future periods so you deserve to prevent your campaigns from becoming “Limited by Budget”. This exercise allows you to monitor targets set in the Performance Planner and to get advises and also recommendations once a campaign is not on track. This practice enables you to obtain in-depth insights from Google Analytics via regards to how website behavior is impacted after using Performance planner references. This practice enables you to fully automate all facets of account administration to boost the likelihood of meeting performance targets.

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Note: this question is prevalent in Googe Ads Search, Display, Shopping, and also Video Ads certification exams.

With a Performance Tool in Google Ads, you can watch forecasts, control budgets and also uncover avenues. This tool helps you optimize advertising projects and also change settings based on handy insights.

Besides, you can boost your campaigns making use of the performance taracquire feature. With this tool, you have the right to foreactors projects and also watch if they accomplish the certain goals you collection.

You have the right to usage performance targets for campaign teams or single projects. You have the right to enable it by producing a campaign or usage it through the existing projects.

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Why is utilizing the performance targets attribute after making use of the Performance Planner recommended?

Correct answer: “This exercise permits you to monitor targets set in the Performance Planner and to receive advises and recommendations when a campaign is not on track.


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