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Now that we’re around to begin Video Game of Thrones Seachild 8, it’s an excellent time to review a few inquiries about Seakid 7. First, in the Seachild 7 finale tbelow was a stvariety minute as soon as Tyrion showed up to be watching the door where Jon Snow and Daenerys were hooking up. Tyrion had an odd look on his challenge, just while Bran’s voiceover discussed Jon’s lineage. Why was Tyrion watching them and why did he have that weird look on his face?

This article has spoilers through the Seachild 7 finale. 

During the scene as soon as Jon and Dany type of finally hook up in the Seaboy 7 finale, while we’re hearing Bran talk about just how Jon’s paleas were actually legally married and also he has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, something odd happened.

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One scene seemed to suggest that Tyrion was standing exterior Dany’s cabin on the boat, watching Jon and Dany kind of have actually sex.

Is Tyrion a creeper? Is he a peeping tom?

And why did he look so sad standing outside the door?

But….why did Tyrion stand also exterior of the room as soon as Daenerys and Jon were having actually sex pls

— B r i (enne of Tarth) (
Xhakaed) August 28, 2017

But why was Tyrion just hanging approximately in the hallway as soon as Jon & Daenerys were doing the deed?#GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones#GoT

— We, the People ? ✊ (
ofbyforthepeop1) August 28, 2017

Peter Dinklage talks around it here. Start watching at about 1:30.

He says:

It’s dangerous, for everybody affiliated. I’m certain it’s excellent for both of them…in the minute. But you don’t also acquire the relief of how beautiful it could be or should be. No it’s just — it’s simply not excellent. But it have to be! But it’s not. There’s a lengthy history of romance not finishing well on this show.”

So it looks like the answer is yes, Tyrion was watching Dany and also Jon. But he wasn’t sad bereason he was jealous of Dany. He was sad because romance is pretty a lot doomed in this cosmos and he assumed their love could only finish in anguish and hurt.

I think it’s safe to say that Tyrion does not secretly have a thing for Daenerys and he was jealous of her and Jon.

In all honesty, I’d rather revisit just why Tyrion seems to have a connection through her dragons.

There’s a theory among Video Game of Thrones fans that Tyrion will certainly have the ability to ride a dragon, which would certainly be remarkable. Some think that he’s actually Targaryen and also his dad is not Tywin, which is component of the factor why Tywin appeared to despise him so a lot. This might describe why both Jon and also Tyrion have actually an affinity with Daenerys’ dragons. But now that there are just 2 dragons left (cry) it appears that it will certainly only be Jon or Tyrion who gets to ride one of them, not both.

Maybe, if Tyrion suspects that Jon and also Dany are connected, he’s thinking around exactly how crazy and unhealthy and balanced things were in between Jaime and Cersei and he’s not wanting to see a repeat of that via Jon and also Dany. Tyrion has actually absolutely watched his fair share of romances gone devastating in Westeros. With so a lot at stake, he might be involved that their tryst will certainly develop more trouble than it’s worth.

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PublishedApr 14, 2019 at 12:00pm
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Was Tyrion just watching Jon and Dany kind of in *that* scene in the time of the Seaboy 7 finale and why did he have actually that weird look on his face? Let"s review that minute aget.