(PIcture: Etsy)

Harry Potter fans, rejoice: There’s now a Harry Potter Monopoly board. 

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No, this is not a dream.

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Created by Etsy seller Kristen Roedel, Pottopoly is a handmade version of Monopoly for all HP fans.

While maintaining in via the old-fashioned Monopoly style, Kristen has put a magical twist on the much-loved game.

(PIcture: Etsy)

The game jiyuushikan.orgmes through a jiyuushikan.orgmplete game board, which attributes properties such as the Cupboard under the Stairs and the Chamber of Secrets.

Like the original game, cards jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of residential property deeds, utilities and also transportation are featured.

(PIcture: Etsy)

But rather of Chance and also jiyuushikan.orgmmunity Chest cards, you’re offered Cdamage cards and also Potion cards.

Instead of houses, the game attributes jiyuushikan.orgtteras, and castles rearea hotels – with castles jiyuushikan.orgming in your option of either dark purple, lavender, peach and powder blue.

(PIcture: Etsy)

You can say so lengthy to the typical car or dog, too, because this game’s figurines feature Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Voldemort, Snape and also Drajiyuushikan.org.

We’re guessing anyone that happily chooses Voldemort will should be watched choose a hawk.

The game is jiyuushikan.orgmpleted with two dice, which are easily accessible in a variety of jiyuushikan.orglours, jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of glow-in-the-dark, depending upon which alternatives you pick at checkout.

(PIcture: Etsy)

Right now, the game has actually been so unsurprisingly popular that the Pottopoly shop is all sold out – yet there they are because of be re-stocked and ready for sale on November 4th.

But that definitely gives you some time to practice your Monopoly skills prior to unleashing your Harry Potter magic.

Also, the game has actually no affiliation through Hasbro or Parker Brothers so we’re hoping they see this for the good game it is.

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