I just gained this Pure Ice polish and when I acquired home I noticed a weird green-ish spot in one edge of the bottle. Anyone know what this is/ if it's still okay to use? It looks choose there's additionally some residue on the bottom of thebottle..



Just looks favor the polish separated. Roll the bottle between your hands. Don't shake, as that causes airbubbles.

Yeah it's just separated a little. A lot of polishes do it, especially if they've been stored in a warmer atmosphere, prefer under lights on a stand in a shop.You just have to reintegrate the formula by rolling or gently shaking.And yes, any polish will stain your nails yet a basecoat will preventthat.

Thanks for all the input! At initially I assumed it was just separated polish, but it didn't reintegrate and also looks imbedded right into the glass.. I was largely worried if mold/etc. could have remained in thebottle.

I don't think nail polish have the right to mold, as there's nopoint organic in the formulation and also the chemical composition is pretty difficult for anypoint to live in. It may be an imperfection in the glass from manufacture. I wouldn't problem around it, yet it is your contact. If you're concerned you have the right to constantly exchange it for a newbottle.

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