Driving Blind

It"s not your creativity, the sun really is brighter in the loss and winter and also it"s transforming quick.

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Ever gain blinded by the morning and evening sun on the way to and also from work? Dang skippy you have actually. Chances are you are noticing it even more currently that it"s happening daily because we are in mid-October. The arrival of autumn brings low, slanting light and also it will continue to obtain brighter till the initially week of January. Their will be no relief until later on in the spring as the sunlight is reduced in the sky hampering your vision while driving. 

Aside from wearing a quality pair of polarized sunglasses you will certainly want to clean your windshield also. If you can alert the dirt and smudges on the windshield of the car ahead of you (and you can) then so also have the right to the car behind you see your dirty windows.

The place of the sun in the sky is constantly transforming. It transforms exactly how we perceive color and also light. During the summer solstice approximately June 21st, the sun is as far overhead as it gets. Thereafter the sunlight gets reduced and also reduced becoming a driving risk around mid-fall.

As we progress to the winter solstice the sun will certainly only acquire lower still, resulting in shorter days, bluer skies and an also brighter sunlight on the horizon. This will continue right into January, when the sun is at its brightest, bereason that’s as soon as Planet is closest to the sun.

If that"s not bad enough try throwing some snow into the mix and you will be presented via some truly blinding and also treacherous conditions.


Snow blindness can be a painful eye condition led to by overexpocertain to ultraviolet (UV light). When as well a lot UV light hits the outer layer of your eyes, it fundamentally offers your cornea a sunburn (ouch). 

If the weather is overcast you might be tempted to remove your sunglasses altogether, yet the rays are simply as harmful as soon as cloudy.


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