At San Diego Comic Con 2017, I had honor - nay, the pleasure- of not just attending the Imhelpful Jokers Block Party at Petco Park, yet likewise participating in a push conference they held! Here"s some (but by no suggests all) of the highlights.

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1.Sal... Hates Cats

Ok, it does not take being a lot of an IJ fan to recognize that Sal has actually problems via cats, whether the moment in Seachild 2 as soon as Q took his cats to Sal"s bed, or all those times as soon as the man-sized black cat (Benjamin) chases Sal in the time of his punishments.


The stuff of pure nightmares.

But whydoes he hate cats so much? Like many of us and also our phopredisposition, it"s all about childhood trauma: He had actually a friend via a cat called Sebastian that attacked Sal every time he went over to his friend"s house!

Technically, Sal"s hatred just uses to adult cats. He says he likes "good" kit10s... however cats? "Fuck "em!"

And speaking of cats...

2.Q LOVES his cats!

Anyone that complies with Q (especially through his podcasts) knows that he"s rescued and adopted a few cats, and also it"s probably also safe to say that he loves them even more than nearly every one of mankind.

But here"s something we didn"t know: Q installed webcams in his residence just so he have the right to save an eye on his cats when he"s traveling. The much longer he"s on the road (prefer as soon as The Tenderloins are on tour), he winds up spfinishing even more and also even more of his time staring at the webcams, enjoying the antics (or sleeping) of his many cats.

I say that"s adorable! What say you?


Adorable, and also in no method crazy!

3. The NC-17 Version of Jokers?

Finding just the appropriate civilization to involve in the IJ pranks have the right to be most job-related. It looks so smooth on TV thanks to the magic of the editing and enhancing pen!

This indicates that tonsof footage lands on the cutting room floor, and there"s a lot of it that would get everyone fired if they tried to air it. The entirety reason this present exists is bereason the guys are lifelong friends that love to play pranks on each various other, so it certainly shouldn"t come as a surpclimb that many kind of of their pranks are as well wild for television.

You might think that tright here are other choices besides television, and you could be ideal, yet...

4.An Imhandy Jokers Movie in the Works?

There"s nothing set in stone yet, however one goal the males have is to take IJ to the big display. They"re a bit worried around pushing the envelope also much, though, because once your project is no longer governed by FCC rules, the temptation to add in previously-forbidden content will certainly be extremely strong. There"s an awful lot of teenage fans and families that watch together, so they have to be mindful.

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Don"t host your breath for this one, folks, yet it seems choose it"s somepoint that"s coming eventually!

5.Is tbelow ANY line also much to cross on punishments?

Poor Murr. He"s been tattooed, he"s been pierced... in our book, that"s muchharsher than obtaining chased by a male in a cat costume! So what could be next? Will the day ever come when Murr"s punishment is simply a male through a meat cleaver asking him which finger he supplies the least?

I asked Murr around this precise thing at the push conference, and also he shelp that pretty much the just line he draws in the sand is DEATH. That"s it!

Strangely, he didn"t seem too bothered by the tattoos and piercings. He did carry up the skydiving punishment, though, as the worst moment for him on the display. It "virtually broke up our family," he sassist. We can tell he was upcollection by that punishment, however we had actually no principle that it was virtually the end for his time on the show!!

Let"s simply hope that Murr"s scariest vision doesn"t come true: The series finale consisting of Sal pulling out a gun and shooting Murr point empty.


6.You deserve to now very own the Jokers... or various other things they work on!

We had no ideathat the men were getting their own line of action numbers, yet sure sufficient, right here they are, from Spencers!

Q is incredibly proud of the fact that his number expenses more than everyone else"s. But where is the Benjamin Cat action figure? Or Larry? Why can not we ever discover Larry?!?!?

On the other hand, both Q and also Murr have other artistic jobs coming soon:

Q has actually co-composed a new comic book series dubbed Metro via seasoned market vet Cullen Bunn, and art by Walt Flanagan. He offered out totally free preview issues at SDCC 2017 - here"s a picture of Jeff obtaining his:

No official release date yet, but we"ll be excited to snatch this up as soon as we can!

Murr has actually co-created a Sci-Fi/Thriller novel through Darren Wearmouth dubbed Awakened, which appears to be due out in Mid-2018. The premise - an evil unleaburned underneath New York City - has actually currently received most notification, including having actually been optioned for a future TV series by IDW!

We"re really happy for Murr, Q, Sal, and Joe (who skipped San Diego to attfinish the birth of his second child!) for all of their continuing success. We cannot wait to check out what they come up via next!!

For complete audio of everything they shelp at their push conference, click the play switch below: