The trailblazing reason for Portland"s sporty nickname


Ask any kind of 10 strangers on the streets of Portland also exactly how the city acquired the nickname Rip City, and also you"ll most likely challenge at least nine empty stares. While citizens of the Oregon city have actually great pride in Portland"s identity as Rip City, the nickname days back to the early on 1970s, so many kind of younger occupants aren"t certain of the origins. But here"s the thing: Even Rip City residents who recognize exactly how the city obtained its nickname still aren"t sure what it indicates. It all goes back to a spontaneous comment made by a male called Bill Schonely around the Portland Trail Blazers, the city"s NBA team. Considering that it remains a rallying cry for passionate Portlanders, you can say the name stuck.

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Rip City: an origin story

It was February of 1970. (Some resources say 1971, yet the man that coined the name has actually stated it happened in 1970.) The location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, then the house arena for the Trail Blazers. The Blazers were playing their greatest rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. At one suggest, Portland also was down by more than 20 points, yet the team started making shots, inching closer and closer to tying the Lakers. By the second fifty percent, the Blazers were dvery own by just 2 points, as soon as a player called Jim Barnett sank an overwhelming swarm to tie the game.

Thrilled by the breakthrough, play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely yelled "RIP CITY!" right into the microphone in his excitement. Later, he wasn"t able to describe precisely why he chose those words, but they easily recorded on. Today, Portland also fans still celebprice being component of Rip City, and you"ll view and also hear the expression sometimes if you visit the city. If you see the Trail Blazers play, but, you deserve to bet on hearing the expression constantly.

Luckily something great came of that fateful game, bereason in the finish, the Blazers lost.

Let it rip: cheering on the Blazers

Want to suffer the type of play that influenced that famed call so many years ago? If you desire to cheer on the Trail Blazers (or root for their opponents), you"ll discover them playing home games at the Moda Center. The venue is situated in the entertainment district known as the Rose Quarter, on the eastern banks of the Willamette River.

Parking at the Moda Center is time-consuming and also pricey (about $20). Luckily, Portland also has public transport choices that reach the Moda Center, including three lines of the MAX Light Rail and the city"s streetauto mechanism. Want to blend in via the crowd? Wear the team"s colors: red and babsence.

More sports in Portland

The Trail Blazers blazed the trail for utilizing the name Rip City, however it"s become associated via Portland itself, so you could also hear the name referenced in relation to the city"s other major sporting activities franchise: the Portland Timbers, a Major Organization Soccer team. Professional soccer does not garner a lot attention in the majority of Amerideserve to cities, however it"s a Very Big Deal in Portland, and also it"s not unwidespread for home games to market out.

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The team plays at Providence Park, an outdoor stadium in the city"s Goose Hollow neighborhood. Even though it"s open to the elements and the team plays rain or shine, don"t expect a drizzle to destroy your plans to see a game. Many seats are spanned by a large overhang, so fans can continue to be (mostly) dry. Plan to take the MAX Light Rail or a bus to Providence Park, or walk there, because parking is restricted. Wear green to fit in through the passionate house crowd.