I have actually an SSD boot drive via Windows 7 on it. I keep all (most) of my applications on my HDD. I keep obtaining a message informing me my C: drive is virtually full. I go to discover the difficulty and watch my Users folder has actually over 17GB in it (or so Properties of the folder tells me) and I then check the Properties of all its subfolders and also none are also close to 1GB! What can be my difficulty here? How can I find the culprit?


Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> then View tab.

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Make sure your settings complement this picture:



While Chris Tarazi appears to have actually answered the question over, note that you deserve to usage the complimentary application WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics) to gain an extremely in-depth check out of your SSD or HDD layout. It reflects all your records in a ordered graphical watch. If you"re wondering what the biggest papers are in your file device, it will certainly conveniently present you.


If you"ve been making use of iTunes for backing up iPhones, then it would certainly take a substantial amount of dimension on

C:UsersAppDataLocalApple Computerackup

bereason it will have all previous backups from all phones.


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