It seems my iPhone 11 pro doesn't get data as soon as on 3g, but i am able to make/obtain calls. It connects to the network, i have the right to view the "3g" symbol at the height, but no apps and solutions have information. This is both for esim and also normal sim card, from various merchants. I've been troubleshooting through my carrier for some time and also we got to this conclusion.

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2g/edge/4g work-related perfect but not 3g. Anybody gained a similar issue? I desire to make sure that this isn't a software application concern before sending it to repair. And yes, i tried to factory reset, reset network-related, switch information on and off, aircraft mode, different place and also different sim cards (which work in various other phones, various bands). WiFi and also Bluetooth work fine just in case somebody asks.

I am running iOS 13.1.1 on an iPhone pro 11.


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iPhone 11 Pro

Posted on Sep 30, 2019 6:51 AM

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Upday 2: I found a fix to this problem! the problem is .... the esim (surprise surprise). In certain conditions if you have the esim setup, it will certainly influence the connectivity (3g in my case) on your phone, no matter if esim or normal SIM card.

The basic deal with is to rerelocate the esim configuration eexceptionally time you experience this issue and also re-add it. The 3g will start working aget also on the normal SIM card .

Simply turning the line off and on aget will NOT solve the difficulty, you should completely delete the esim profile/data. reestablishing the network-related configurations likewise won't aid. Remember that you will likely need connectivity (wifi or another SIM card) to activate you esim card.

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I had to perform it when a day (at least) which is quite annoying , so annoying I have quit utilizing the esim card from my carrier and also went back to a normal one. Due to the fact that then, whatever works perfectly. I can not determine the triggering event for this issue (ie bad network, airplane mode, vpn, wifi and so on etc) however it's definitely a huge problem.

I discovered few other points during these days of troubleshooting:

If you use an on demand vpn link and you allow mobile data switching in between esim and the normal SIM card, the vpn just works once and it is not able to affix again

I have actually a messaging app that eincredibly time I usage mobile data it advises you around possible charges and also costs mirroring a pop up saying "you are utilizing a g connection to make this call...". When I was utilizing the esim, no matter what band also I was using 2g/3g/4g , the app kept saying "you are using 2G" ... and as soon as I went earlier utilizing the normal SIM card it was then able to recognise the netoccupational I was utilizing effectively. (not sure if it s the app or the OS fault for this one)

It looks prefer esim is out tright here but probably the totality point is not completely supported and/or enforced and also that's a shame bereason that's sucount the future. No wonder why many kind of carriers are not implementing it appropriate now : they don't desire to have actually these kind of issues and they are waiting for an extra mature product.