Why is my mac charger red

I have been using a MacBook charger for about 6 months, and also now I tried to usage another one which I have actually provided prior to with this MacBook.

Now, the battery is low sufficient that the MacPublication can’t begin, but just display screen the battery symbol on the screen.

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When connecting it to the power, the charger led transforms green, then red (signaling that it is charging) and finally, transforms off (after about 15 seconds).

I tried cooling dvery own the MacBook and also the charger, and after that I tried recharging. It did work for a longer time, however then the behavior explained above appeared aobtain.

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Why is this happening? How have the right to I resolve it?

The other charger does job-related. This charger falls short once the MacPublication is started (or woke up from sleep).

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macbook-pro charging power
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If one charger functions, and another doesn’t, the non-working one is a lot of more than likely damaged and also needs to be reput.

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