Hi, I tried looking up some information on this but I didn't uncover anypoint that operated. Basically my lappeak instantly installed some upday in the time of the night, and now my League of Legends games cap at 60FPS. Before I would get 100+. I found some info about turning vsync off, however it didn't occupational (or I didn't execute it properly) and also that it's bereason my monitor can't perform greater or somepoint. This component I don't really obtain given that I have noticed the distinction and also it's affecting my gameplay a lot as I'm not supplied to simply 60. How would I get the FPS to go back to normal?


If v-sync is turned off and FPS cap is set to infinite, then it's most likely your graphical chauffeurs, which are limiting FPS. Do a clean reinstall of your chauffeurs, that might assist, or simply examine the motorists initially if you are more advanced user.

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Besides that, if you have actually 60 Hz monitor, the only negative distinction of having actually a limit prefer that is a slight delay. The maximum delay you deserve to have actually by this limit is 16 ms, although it depends on exactly how many kind of FPS you deserve to output without a limit. Other than that, there is no difference. If you feel that the game is much less smooth or something favor that, it's many likely placebo.

acquired a traditional monitor as well.. acquired my fps capped at 144.. and also it's definetly not placebo as soon as they drop under 100 or 90 in some teamfights.. it feels and also looks horrible.. and also it's really laggy, even thoug it's still over 60 or 70 fps..


I had actually this difficulty yesterday and also resolved it simply by turning V-sync off, not simply from the game, you have to search from taskbar for Xbox then open it and also go to settings "game DVR" or something like that and also caption off, all solved. there's video on youtube if you must check out it for your own eyes.

How much fps deserve to your monitor actually render? I think lapheight wont be 144hz. So it must not matter.

If you go right into game and league settings, you have to uncap fps by altering the fps setting and disabling vsync.

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Also exactly how many kind of fps game verified when you were playing it before?

It's 60hz. Am I simply delusional? I swear I have the right to tell the difference clearly from when it shown me having actually 100+ continuous FPS. I didn't transform any kind of LoL settings and also have actually had actually it at uncapped always.